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MeloTel Is A Life-Vest For Your Business During Pandemic Waves

In Ontario COVID-19 cases are on the rise again. Back in late March, Ontario and the rest of the country suffered one of the greatest unexpected lockdowns in the history of our country. Forcing many business owners to close up their business or scramble to find solutions to keep their business operational.

MeloTel proved to be an invaluable source of strength for many business owners during this time by giving them the facilities to be able to support their employees to work remotely in very short notice.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact MeloTel today to create your own communications disaster recovery plan in anticipation of the inevitable.

MeloTel can provide your business with the ability to work remotely. Bringing your telephone services to employees homes as well as providing software‘s on smart phones to allow communication well on the go. Using our Cloud-Softphone employees can quickly move their telecommunication services offsite with minimal risk or effort.

Whether your business is 2 or 200 people, we specialize in cloud hosted communication services. We stand at the ready to support you and your business through these hard times.

Call 1-888-635-6835 or message us now.

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