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How Switching To VoIP Will Cook Up More Business At Your Restaurant

No matter your business type or industry, it’s vital that you have the ability to quickly and clearly communicate with your customers. In 2024, that’s not always achievable with a traditional landline telephone. For example, a cloud-hosted solution will enable you to make and take calls on any device you wish, using your business number. That means eliminating “out of the office” as a reason you can’t be reached by phone.

For restaurant owners, utilizing a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system can revolutionize their operations. This new and improved way of communicating by phone offers a range of benefits including improved customer service to cost savings. How can switching to VoIP cook up more business at your restaurant?

Vastly improve your customer service.

It’s all about being able to manage calls with more efficiency. Unique features such as call forwarding, voicemail to email and automated attendants help to ensure that customers’ calls are always answered promptly and professionally, even during busy periods.

Muhammad Bilal is the owner of Burgers On Fleek in Ajax, Ontario. Utilizing the cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services from Melo Technology (formerly MeloTel), Bilal has found that his customer service has vastly improved. He informed us that, before using VoIP-based phones, his eatery would get one-star reviews online. People complained that they couldn’t get anyone on the phone when they called during busy periods or after business hours.

“With MeloTel’s phone service, if anyone calls after hours, a recording tells the customer that we’re closed,” Bilal explained, “Now people don’t get upset because they know we’re closed. They also know our hours.”

Advertise to customers while they wait.

No one likes waiting. So, it’s important to be able to get to your calls quickly. However, during your busy periods, it’s wise to have your callers listen to something interesting while they’re on hold. With a VoIP phone system, you can easily integrate unique hold music or original advertisements that have been recorded exclusively for your brand.

Bilal has taken advantage of this. “When someone calls and is waiting on the phone, they’re listening to advertising,” he reported, “We recently introduced our pulled beef brisket. It’s a new item. Now people are waiting and listening on the phone and hearing about our pulled beef brisket. And now sales are going up!”

Save yourself some money.

As we mentioned, cost savings are a major benefit to going the VoIP route. Compared to traditional telephone systems, VoIP is a lot more cost-effective. Because calls are transmitted over the internet, it eliminates the need for expensive phone lines, reducing your monthly phone bills. Not to mention, Melo Technology customers enjoy top-tier customer service.

“With MeloTel, I have someone always there looking after me,” Bilal beamed, “If I need something changed, I know they’re there for me. I get to spend time on my business instead of spending 10-15 minutes trying to change my recordings. It’s really a big deal for me to be able to contact MeloTel for help instead of having another stress. I’m not that tech savvy so it’s really helped me to have MeloTel. I recommend their services to everyone.”

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