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MeloTel CEO, John Meloche Discusses COVID Impact On Communication

MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche has long been a proponent for keeping people safe during the pandemic. Upon the beginning of the crisis, in March of last year, John immediately implemented a work-from-home policy for all MeloTel employees. He also quickly started up a COVID-19 Awareness Facebook page to keep the public informed of all of the pertinent details surrounding ways to stay safe during this tough time.

Needless to say, John’s efforts have proven invaluable. While things have most certainly been tough for everyone, MeloTel continues to thrive. Our team members and our families are safe. And we’re all looking forward to a pandemic-less world in the near future. But what has been the impact of COVID-19 on the telecom industry? Last week, John joined Gurmeet Judge from Encompass Business Technologies on his podcast to discuss. The entire 45-minute interview can be seen on YouTube. Check it out HERE!

How has COVID impacted the customer experience?

Among the topics discussed on the podcast are MeloTel’s services and popularity amongst call centre businesses, the COVID impact on the customer experience, VoIP and video conference automation opportunities as well as changes in customer behaviour and expectations. In the interview, John shares his views on how voice calls, video conferences and voice automations played critical roles during the pandemic to improve the customer experience.

“COVID hit us from every single angle,” reveals John, “Not only did it impact our business by having to close our office and sending our employees to work from home…but, for many of our customers, it was sort of a blessing in disguise for them that they were with our service. What we did for our business, it was very easy to do for their businesses as well. Setting them up with fully cloud-based solutions, using their cell phones to make and receive calls.”

How has MeloTel helped its clients to remain open?

John points out how the VoIP solutions offered by MeloTel enabled its clients to keep their doors open. For example, like so many business owners across North America, many of MeloTel’s clients had to send their employees home to work. John notes that, while at home, these workers were able to offer online ordering and telephone ordering instead of the in-store variety. MeloTel’s cloud-based services, in fact, helped its customers to actually increase their capacity to serve their own customers.

“Retail shops,” explains John, “that, before used to just welcome customers coming into their shop, now moving online having to deal with customer service, customer support in an environment where they can’t have people all in the same room like they used to, they would come to us for solutions being able to distribute their staff to be able to work from home, still be able to take those calls and facilitate their systems and continue to operate.”

What are the biggest objections to VoIP-based solutions?

John is jokingly cautious about not wanting to “get sued” by responding to this question from Gurmeet. He notes that the original distributors of VoIP technology didn’t look after the network that provided consumers with connectivity. Check out the interview now to hear his entire response!

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