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MeloTel Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary!

On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, we hope your new year has gotten off to an excellent start! Needless to say, 2020 was an extremely tough year for all of us. Who would have thought, one year ago, that we would endure a pandemic that would take far too many lives and cripple countless businesses? Admittedly, we experienced quite the rough patch of our own. So we’re incredibly grateful to enter 2021 with some happy news.

As of January 4th, MeloTel has officially become a 12 year-old company! Clearly, we weren’t able to celebrate this anniversary as we traditionally would. Nevertheless, we’re very excited and proud of this new milestone. In fact, you could say we’ve never been happier to celebrate another year as a company. As mentioned, 2020 provided us with more than our fair share of rough spots. So, with that, it’s incredibly important that we say the following.

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Firstly, to MeloTel’s clients, we sincerely thank you. You hung in there with us during your toughest times. Both your business and ours had to suffer through lockdowns, significantly reduced sales and other hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, here we are – still trudging through COVID-19 – with renewed optimism about a brighter future. That wouldn’t be possible without your continued support.

Secondly, to the MeloTel team, we sincerely appreciate you. You’ve all had to become accustomed to working from home and taking on new responsibilities. Each of you has responded like the champion we’ve always known you to be. Thank you for your dedication, flexibility and understanding. We celebrate this 12-year anniversary at a physical distance. However, we may never have been a closer unit than we are right now.

MeloTel has come a long way in 12 years!

In January 2009, our company Founder and CEO, John Meloche established a sole proprietorship and set the wheels in motion to bring a professional communications solution to businesses in need of adapting to new technologies. Within two years, the rapidly-attained success of MeloTel pushed it to the level of a legal corporation.

In September 2012, MeloTel completed the single largest migration of its infrastructure to house its primary servers at Black Iron Data, which is a Tier III Certified facility. Although we had the copyright of the name “MeloTel” since the company’s inception, in August 2013, it became legally trademarked.

By October 2013, MeloTel was offering multinational services to its constantly-growing customer base. This led our company to obtain CRTC Registration License For Provision Of International Telecommunications. By March 2015, we launched our new brand and website to serve our customers better. And, in January 2019, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, sealing an entire decade of being the most reliable and trusted VoIP service provider in Canada!

What exactly is a VoIP service provider?

MeloTel provides VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) as a hosted solution. You afford your company many new opportunities for growth when you make such a move as switching from traditional landline telephones to the web-based solution we offer. But we offer so many other services that we consider ourselves a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. Let’s discuss them further! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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