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MeloTel Now Supports SMS Marketing

Today is a very exciting day for us here at MeloTel!

Over the years I have fielded requests from customers wanting SMS messaging on their primary business number. Unfortunately we have always had to say no. We just weren’t ready yet.

But now… welcome to a new dawn! (happy dance)

Officially today I am please to announce in partnership with MeloText SMS. We can now offer SMS and MMS marketing and communication options on your primary business phone numbers without effecting your voice services with MeloTel.

SPECIAL OFFER: 250 FREE SMS credits upon account activation – Register Now! No Obligations, No Setup Fee

What does this mean?

Using MeloText, you can now send and receive SMS & MMS messages using your primary business phone number using the MeloText Dashboard.

What does it cost?

For each SMS enabled numbers there is a $7/month subscription + the cost of your messages. See pricing plans.

How do I get started?

Manage Contacts

Manage your professional list of subscribers in our contact management module. View the source of all sign-ups, whether they signed up through SMS keyword, web widget, kiosk, or if they were manually added.

Search on name, number, group and source of sign-up. Send these contacts a SMS individually from here or as part of a group from the bulk SMS module.

Bulk SMS Messaging

At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send Bulk SMS messages to your subscribers.

Send to 1 group or multiple groups at once! Send messages to your customers to announce deals or discounts you want to promote which can bring in massive business.

This is yet another great example of how MeloTel is always advancing the technology of our platform.

SMS Polling & Q&A

Create polls to collect valuable information from your subscribers and another tool to keep your subscribers engaged.

What better way to engage a large audience than by sending a poll out to your subscribers allowing them to vote on their favorite menu item, or favorite song for example.

Visit MeloText Website

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