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How Working From Home Is Easier With MeloTel

Here in Ontario, where MeloTel is headquartered, new COVID-19 restrictions have been put into effect. Unfortunately, the Omicron variant of the virus is wreaking havoc, sending case counts to new heights. In an effort to remain safe and stop the spread, many businesses have had to alter their traditional operations. Naturally, that means a lot more working from home. We imagine that this is something we can expect all throughout the year.

At MeloTel, we are fully prepared to help business owners from all over North America to contend with COVID-19 restrictions. If you have a team that is working from home, our services can make things much easier for you and everyone working for your company.

Single Number Reach turns any phone into your business phone.

Single Number Reach enables you to forward your business phone number to any device of your choice. Therefore, you can stay at home or be on the road and still make and take business calls. Unless you tell them, your callers won’t have any idea you’re not in your office.

This great service makes staying in touch super easy. You can use your cell phone without giving out your cell phone number. You can also use your home phone without giving out your home phone number. Simply use Single Number Reach to forward your business number to any number you wish and use your chosen device to speak to your clients.

Cloud Softphone allows you to work from any remote location.

Cloud Softphone lets you connect to all of your clients, colleagues and co-workers using your business line. It is a FREE app for all MeloTel clients who subscribe to our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services. Cloud Softphone functions as a SIP-based phone on your Android or iPhone. It uses a Wi-Fi or cellular data network connection to make and receive calls on your MeloTel account. As a result, you never use up any of your cellular minutes.

As soon as you are hooked into your MeloTel phone system, you can start making calls using your company caller ID. Cloud Softphone also allows you to operate your mobile device in the same way you would your phone extension at work. With it, you can reach co-workers with extension to extension dialling.

MeloText turns texting into an amazing advertising vehicle.

MeloText is an innovative Text Message & SMS/MMS Marketing Software Platform. It allows business owners to better engage with their clients through text messaging. By using text messaging to promote your business (especially during these tough times), you can greatly improve your customer relationships. With MeloText, you have an awesome new way to grow your audience, engage your clients and increase your sales.

The unique messaging service also gives you the ability capture leads anywhere. You can do so via text message, QR code or web form. In addition, MeloText makes it so easy to connect with your audience at any time of the day. You don’t have to worry about physically sending your messages out at the times you want them delivered. Instead, you can set up a delivery schedule!

For more information about any and all of our services that make working from home easier, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email