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Why Voice Technologies Are Front And Centre For Frontline Workers

In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that the business phone remains an integral part of any company’s success. Voice technologies are essential in every industry. Yes, we have various ways to communicate with each other in written form. But, as we noted in the blog, the live voice over the phone promotes personal connections, builds trust and showcases professionalism.

Voice technologies are particularly important for frontline workers. To be clear, a frontline worker is an individual who deals directly with customers, clients or other users of an organization’s services.

Voice technologies enable hands-free operations.

Think about the environments where employees need to use their hands. We’re talking about working on assembly lines, offering repairs or handling equipment. Voice technologies allow such working professionals to access information and complete tasks without needing to interrupt their work or switch their tools.

Being able to communicate using hands-free technology has been shown to significantly improve efficiency and productivity for frontline workers. They can quickly access information, receive instructions and finish the final steps of their tasks through voice commands. This lets them wrap up projects faster and with greater accuracy, leading to a more efficient workflow.

Voice technologies enhance safety.

As many frontline workers know all-too-well, some work can be dangerous. Consider such high-risk environments as construction sites, medical labs, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Workers in these workplaces can use voice commands to retrieve vital information or report incidents. As well, the voice technologies they use can help them to maintain a focus on their surroundings, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Safety is also enhanced by the fact that voice commands enable real-time communication. Immediacy is vital in an emergency situation. In fast-paced environments where quick decisions need to be made, voice technologies allow for faster decision-making and problem-solving.

Voice technologies promote inclusivity.

Many frontline workers contend with physical disabilities or limitations. Of course, this can make it challenging to use traditional tools or interfaces. By providing a voice-enabled interface, organizations can ensure that all workers have equal access to information and tools. This promotes inclusivity in the workplace.

“The relationship between technology and accessibility is essential to ensure that technological innovations are accessible to all individuals, regardless of abilities or limitations,” writes Ana Sofia Gala of Hand Talk, “Accessibility in the technological context refers to the creation of products, services, and virtual environments that can be used and understood by people with different abilities and needs.”

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