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For retail construction and maintenance services. We provide our valued clients with a level of service unmatched in the industry today. If you wish to offer your services as a skilled trade, please complete the form below and a project manager will contact you to discuss opportunities with Melo.

Vendor Standard Operating Procedure

Completing Work Orders For Melo

  • All service calls must be completed within 48 hours of receiving our work orders.
  • All our work orders must be signed by the on-site manager once complete. (Never your work order)
  • You must be onsite at the agreed time or you may not be allowed access if you are late.
  • Always take pictures of any cosmetic repairs and materials you require us to supply.
  • Provide makes and models of required materials if you cannot supply them. (Pictures of labels and over all pictures)
  • Call us from site if the work will exceed your DNE (do not exceed) for approval to proceed. (Send an estimate whenever possible)
  • All emergency service calls are to be completed within 2-4 hours from dispatch time.

Don’t Ever Do The Following

  • Do not ever discuss pricing with anyone other than the Melo manager that sent you the work order. If pricing is discussed it may result in back charges and termination from our vendor list.
  • Do not leave any paperwork onsite under any circumstances especially your companies’ paperwork. (Business cards, work orders and invoices)
  • Do not do any extra work requested by the manager without approval from us. (Our contact info is on every work order and we have a toll free Number)
  • Do not complete any costly repairs without our approval. (Respect the DNE you are given)

Invoicing Melo For Services Rendered

  • E-mail, mail or fax invoices to the Project Manager that sent you the work order. (We prefer Email)
  • All invoices must be accompanied by our signed work orders. (Not your company Work Order)
  • All invoices must be sent in within 10 days of work completion. All invoices must be sent in the same month as the work was completed in. Any invoices that are over a month old may not be accepted.
  • All invoices must have our Quotation number from the top right of our work orders and the purchase order number just above the Description of Services.
  • All hand written invoices must be printed and clearly legible.
  • All invoices must have an invoice number and a tax number on it.
  • Invoices must clearly state what was done, what materials were supplied and how much they cost.
  • If you are sending more than one invoice your first invoice must state that another invoice will be sent.
  • Melo is always available to answer any questions. We want you to call us at 1-888-635-6835 from site if you have questions.

Use the simple form below to submit your trade services offerings to Melo.

Trade Submission Form

    Select any or all services you are offering.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 200.
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What our customers have to say

Pat Molloy
Pat Molloy
Very happy with the service and expertise we experienced with Melo.
Joane Carpentier
Joane Carpentier
Fantastice to work with. Available and helpful.
Ricky Lackman
Ricky Lackman
I have been in business for 40 years & have used many companies for different businesses , I have never had the customer service from any company that Melotel has given me over the years . 10 Stars !
Mithun Srinivas
Mithun Srinivas
I've worked with Melotel for over four years now. They are a top-notch IT services company. John and his team are highly knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. They've helped me manage servers, communications, and IT issues with ease, and I've never had any complaints. :) Highly recommended!!
Nick Baksh
Nick Baksh
Extreme happy with the work that was done!
Miko Kolodziej
Miko Kolodziej
Great service and product. Highly recommended
Pino Arpa
Pino Arpa
Great company to work with, always there when you need help and the staff is super helpful and actually calls you back!!! Keep up the good work and the new services.
huda bilal
huda bilal
We are using Melotel for our business. Their services have been very convenient and effective for us and our customers! Their services are also very affordable! We recommend them to our friends and family for their businesses all the time 🙂