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Stop Giving Out Your Personal Phone Numbers For Business Use

Stop giving out your personal cell phone number! Quit giving out your home phone number! Stop giving out your pager number! (Okay, those don’t really exist anymore, do they?) With MeloTel’s Single Number Reach, you can do away with ever giving out your personal phone numbers for business purposes again!

Single Number Reach provides you with one phone number that is directed by your rules. It enables you to have your business phone number forwarded to any device you like. That means you can have your cell phone number, home phone number and any other number you want all ring at the same time when your business phone number is called!

You’ll never miss an important phone call ever again!

Single Number Reach is a practical must-have for business professionals who work on the go. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, working from home and other remote locations has become mandatory for so many. It hasn’t been so easy, has it? If you’ve found it a nuisance to give out your personal phone numbers in order to conduct business, this incredible feature is for you.

Single Number Reach lets you stay at home or go on the road and still make and take business calls without your callers knowing you’re not in your office. It makes staying in touch very simple since it can be used anywhere in North America! Even when the pandemic is finally behind us and you begin travelling again, you can continue to use the service to ensure your clients are never out of touch.

Being accessible greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Consider the benefits of never again having to leave a “Sorry, I’m not in the office right now” outgoing voice greeting on your business phone line. Single Number Reach makes sure that you are always available. Remember that you can use any phone you wish to conduct business. You just don’t have to give out various phone numbers anymore.

You can use a VoIP phone, smartphone or Cloud Softphone exactly the same way you would use your traditional office phone. Using just one phone number, you can be connected to any and all of your clients, colleagues and co-workers on any device of your choice.

Cloud Softphone is a SIP-based phone.

It uses either a Wi-Fi or LTE cellular data network connection to make and receive calls on your MeloTel account. Once you hook it into your MeloTel phone system, you can begin making calls using your company caller ID. As long as you subscribe to MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, downloading and using the Cloud Softphone app is absolutely free!

One of its best features is the fact it lets you call your co-workers with extension to extension dialing. Another awesome aspect is that you don’t use your cell phone minutes when using the Cloud Softphone app. That means that long distance charges become things of the past!

For more information about MeloTel’s Single Number Reach, Commercial Phone Services and/or Cloud Softphone, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email

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