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Melo Technology Turns The Big 1-5!

As you can surely tell by the title of this blog, today is a very special day in the history of Melo Technology. January 4, 2024 represents the date of our company’s 15th anniversary! Turning the big 1-5 is an incredibly monumental occasion for our brand. It signifies more than the obvious decade and a half that we have been in existence. Today also represents the culmination of massive growth since our company’s inception.

We started as the MeloTel phone company in 2009.

When Melo Technology’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche founded this company, he was dead set on revolutionizing the telecom industry. In many ways, John has done just that. MeloTel was predominantly a business that sought to transition businesses from using archaic landline telephones to VoIP-based systems.

In the past 15 years, Melo Technology has helped countless companies take steps into the future by making the switch. With the help of the internet – instead of a traditional landline – our clients’ telephone services are void of long distance charges and enriched with a myriad of never-previously-heard-of calling features. To this day, our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services

continue to be our bread and butter.

Today, Melo Technology is so much more than a phone company.

Quite obviously, our company’s recent name change is a reflection of the multitude of business services it offers. Not only are we expanding the use of VoIP phones throughout North America, we are also offering a plethora of business growth solutions. They include everything from SMS Marketing services to Drone Photo and Video creation! This is why we are referencing “technology” and not just “telecom” in our new moniker. For example, among our most popular services, as of late, is Melo Social.

This revolutionary platform makes it easy for business owners to keep all of their social media profiles updated. With it, they can compose their content themselves and schedule it for simultaneous posting across all channels. Alternatively, they can leave the work to our team of content creators. As we regularly showcase, creating both compelling content and stimulating visuals are part of our expertise.

Words from the Melo Technology team.

“I am a proud original member of the crew. I met John when working for another company that he was the office manager of. It didn’t take long for me to realize he was a go-getter and a forward-thinker. Not only did he have an entrepreneurial spirit that was dying to take shape, he could see that my talents were underutilized. I’m a creative thinker and an artist. I studied English and media and have worked professionally in the entertainment field. I’m honoured that John could see my strengths and invite me to be the Editor In Chief of his new company, in charge of content creation. 15 years later, I’m glad to see Melo become the juggernaut in its industry that it is!”

-Daniel Faraldo, Editor In Chief

“It’s thrilling to hit our 15th year at Melo Technology, a journey marked by relentless innovation and incredible teamwork. This milestone isn’t just about our tech achievements but the strong community we’ve built. Let’s keep pushing the limits, creating impactful tech and enjoying this adventure together. A huge thanks to our team, clients and partners for being the heart of Melo. Here’s to another exciting chapter of ground-breaking work and shared victories!”

-John Meloche, Founder and CEO