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Welcome to a world where voice and technology meet in perfect harmony. At Melo Technology, we offer an unparalleled range of professional voice talent services, bringing your brand's message to life in over 29 languages. Our state-of-the-art tools and diverse range of voice actors are ready to provide your business with customized, contextually aware, and emotionally resonant voice solutions. Whether for customer interactions, marketing, corporate needs, or entertainment, our high-quality, multilingual voices are designed to enhance your audience's experience with speed, flexibility, and unmatched clarity. Join us in shaping the future of business communication, and let your brand's voice be heard globally.

Why Choose Melo Technology?

  • Speed: Fast turnaround for urgent projects.
  • Customization: Tailored voices to fit your brand's personality and needs.
  • Quality: High-definition audio for a premium listening experience.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Revolutionize Your Business Communication with Melo Technology Professional Voice Talent Services

Our Voice Talent Services Offer:

  • Gender Specific: Male or Female voices in 29 different languages. 
  • Contextual Awareness: Convey nuances, delivering vibrant voices with precise intonation and resonance.
  • High-Quality File Output: Crystal clear audio at 128 kbps.
  • Audio Streaming: Perfect for long-form content without quality compromise.

Voice Talent:

  • Diverse and Dynamic Voices: Voice actors, offering a wide range of tones and styles.
  • Emotional Range: From serious and professional to warm and friendly, our voices cater to every narrative.
  • Multilingual Capability: Fluent in 29 languages, maintaining unique characteristics in each.

Applications for Your Business:

Customer Interaction:

  • Greeting Messages: Friendly, professional greetings in multiple languages.
  • IVR Systems: Enhance customer experience with natural-sounding, multilingual IVR prompts.

Marketing and Advertising:

  • Ads and Promos: Create engaging and relatable ads with our diverse voice talents.
  • Social Media Content: Boost your online presence with captivating voiceovers.

Corporate Needs:

  • Training Modules: Educational and clear narration for training videos.
  • Presentations: Professional and engaging voices for corporate presentations.

Entertainment and Media:

  • Audiobooks and Podcasts: Bring stories to life with expressive and emotive voice actors.
  • Voice Acting: From animation to video games, our talents can adapt to any character.



Get exactly the content you need recorded. Never pay for more than you need. No contracts, no hassle.



Get exactly the content you need recorded. Never pay for more than you need. No contracts, no hassle.



Get exactly what you need recorded. No contracts, no hassle.

Robust Voices That Sell

At Melo Technology, we don't just provide voices; we offer a dynamic sales force in every syllable. Our voices are meticulously crafted to not only speak but to sell, resonating with your audience's deepest needs and desires. Each voice in our diverse portfolio is infused with persuasive power, capable of elevating your brand message and driving meaningful engagement. Whether it's through compelling storytelling, convincing narrations, or influential advertisements, our robust voices are fine-tuned to captivate listeners and convert interest into action. Partner with us, and let the persuasive strength of our voices be the catalyst for your business growth.

Voice Production Request Form

Voice Production Request Form

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Pat Molloy
Pat Molloy
Very happy with the service and expertise we experienced with Melo.
Joane Carpentier
Joane Carpentier
Fantastice to work with. Available and helpful.
Ricky Lackman
Ricky Lackman
I have been in business for 40 years & have used many companies for different businesses , I have never had the customer service from any company that Melotel has given me over the years . 10 Stars !
Mithun Srinivas
Mithun Srinivas
I've worked with Melotel for over four years now. They are a top-notch IT services company. John and his team are highly knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. They've helped me manage servers, communications, and IT issues with ease, and I've never had any complaints. :) Highly recommended!!
Nick Baksh
Nick Baksh
Extreme happy with the work that was done!
Miko Kolodziej
Miko Kolodziej
Great service and product. Highly recommended
Pino Arpa
Pino Arpa
Great company to work with, always there when you need help and the staff is super helpful and actually calls you back!!! Keep up the good work and the new services.
huda bilal
huda bilal
We are using Melotel for our business. Their services have been very convenient and effective for us and our customers! Their services are also very affordable! We recommend them to our friends and family for their businesses all the time 🙂