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The MeloTel Team Is Expanding!

Have you noticed the news about a new career opportunity with MeloTel? Yesterday, we posted to our blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter account a new job posting for a Customer Support Specialist. And since the posting contains all of the pertinent details about the new job position, we thought we’d take this opportunity to get a little deeper into what it’s like to work for MeloTel.

The MeloTel team is like Voltron!

As you may have noticed from our many blog posts of past, we proudly have a team that is made up of some very unique individuals. Each member has his/her special talents, bringing something to the table that no other member can. For those of you who may remember the old “Voltron” cartoons from the 1980s, you’ll understand that we see ourselves as a unit comprised of various parts. Each team member is a “body part” and our Founder and CEO, John Meloche is the head.

Being part of the MeloTel team doesn’t just mean handling your own specific responsibilities in order to make the company successful. It means being part of a family. You’ll notice we continually refer to ourselves as a “team” over a “staff”. Rarely do we call our team members “employees”, simply because we believe we are all more than that. We work in a friendly, inviting environment and we’re looking for someone who will fit well into our company culture.

Would you make a good fit on our team?

Our job posting asks such questions as “Do you consider yourself a computer whiz?”, “Do you have a great capacity for solving problems?” and “Are you a great communicator and love to provide stellar customer service?” These are all questions asked in order for us to get an understanding of your talents and skill set.

However, when you meet John and the rest of the team, you may also be asked questions like “What’s your favourite kind of music?” or “What’s your favourite restaurant?” If you’re interested in working with down-to-earth people who enjoy friendly banter, you’ll be very comfortable in our office. We’re looking for someone who is equal parts tech-savvy and fun to be around!

We take notes from recruiting experts.

As our recruitment expert friends over at Hire Value Inc. put it, “it’s wise to hire people with affable personalities that will make the working environment a pleasant one to work within for all of your employees.”

This is why our job posting noted that “this job position may not be for everyone. After all, not everybody knows has a great personality AND knows their ways around computers and new technology.” There’s no question we’re looking for someone with a vast knowledge base of operating systems and cloud based operating systems. However, we’re also looking for someone who loves to interact with others.

Customer support will be a big part of the new position.

An individual who is affable, warm and always willing to lend a helping hand will have an excellent shot at landing the new Customer Support Specialist position at MeloTel.

Does it sound like we’re talking about you? If so, click HERE to apply! We look forward to meeting with you in hopes you’ll soon join our team!

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