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How SMS Marketing Outshines Traditional Advertising Methods

As you’re surely aware, there are numerous ways to advertise your small business. The majority of them, we’ve noticed, take place online these days. While it will surely always be important to have a strong online presence, it’s just as imperative to make direct connections with the members of your target audience. This is where good old text messaging comes in.

SMS (short message service) marketing is one of today’s top ways to communicate with customers. Through text messaging, you can deliver up-to-date news and other information about your business to a list of subscribers. This advertising method outshines others in a variety of ways!

The immediacy of delivery fosters instant engagement.

Unquestionably, one of the standout advantages of SMS marketing is its speed. Text messages are delivered almost instantly. We’re talking about mere seconds within them being sent. This immediacy allows your business to reach its audience with lightning quickness. As you can imagine, this is a strong way to inform your customers about time-sensitive promotions, flash sales and other urgent updates.

Remember that traditional methods of advertising like direct mail and print ads can take days or even weeks to reach customers. Meanwhile, SMS marketing ensures that your messages are seen right away.

SMS marketing boasts significantly higher open and response rates.

“SMS has a staggering 98% open rate,” reports Songwhale CEO, Ty Morse on, “That’s 3.7x more than the 26.8% open rate for email and 12.5x more than the 7.8% open rate for push notifications. Most people (90%) respond to SMS messages within 30 minutes, which is particularly useful for time-sensitive promotions or sending critical information.”

Meanwhile, email open rates hover around the 20% mark. The bottom line is that if you want a guaranteed way to reach your customers, SMS marketing is the way to go. Response rates are nothing to sniff at either. On her website, Luiza Zhou reports that “as many as 45% of people reply to SMS marketing messages, allowing brands to start a real-time conversation with consumers.”

SMS marketing is highly cost-effective.

Have you ever considered filming a television commercial for your small business? If your answer is “heck no!”, we wouldn’t blame you. Such a marketing method is super expensive. Not to mention, TV ads don’t specifically target members of your customer base. Sending a text message, on the other hand, costs pennies. Not only is it affordable, it’s also an advertising method that literally puts your messages in consumers’ hands.

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