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Chantel Is Having A Baby!

The MeloTel team is extremely excited to announce that we will soon be adding a very special member to our family. Our incomparable, one-of-a-kind Operations Manager, Chantel Cascanette and her partner, Mitchell are expecting a baby boy! Due January 3rd, 2023, Chantel and Mitchell’s forthcoming bundle of joy is their first. While no news of a name has been declared, as of yet, our team has decided to nickname the little guy “Baby MeloTelo”!

A golf swing revealed their baby’s gender.

This past weekend, Chantel and Mitchell hosted a gender reveal party to announce that they were having a boy. They did so in a very unique way. Both Chantel and Mitchell are avid golfers. They felt there was no more appropriate way to reveal the gender of their forthcoming baby boy than by utilizing their favourite sport.

Mitchell cued up for a swing at the tee and wailed away on a ball that exploded into blue dust! As a result, their party’s guests were made aware of the baby boy that was on the way. The MeloTel team joins all of Chantel and Mitchell’s loved ones in feeling immense joy about this wonderful news. We wish them both a huge congratulations and all the best as they prepare to live the rest of their lives as proud parents.

Congratulations from the MeloTel team!

“I am super excited for Chantel and Mitchell,” expressed MeloTel’s Editor-In-Chief, Daniel Faraldo, “As a father of a wonderful eight-year-old girl, I definitely know the joys of being a parent. As far as I’m concerned, there is no greater achievement in life and there is no greater joy than being my daughter’s dad. Chantel and Mitchell, you’re in for the best times of your life! I’m very happy and proud of you both. Congratulations!”

MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche decided to take a bit of a different route to congratulate Chantel and Mitchell. He composed an original poem to celebrate the expecting couple:

As you grow your family tree
And from two, you become three
As you gear up to become the best parents you can ever be
May you have a healthy and happy pregnancy
So, here’s a toast to the beautiful mother
And to the handsome daddy
May they be blessed with a happy and healthy baby!

A word from the soon-to-be mommy!

“Having a baby on board is strange,” shared Chantel, “I’d compare it to having a real, but also imaginary friend with you at the same time – all the time. And, as a repercussion, he makes your feet swell and manifests other odd symptoms along with it. Odd symptoms or not, we are very excited for this new chapter to unfold starting in the beginning of next year. Thank you to my wonderful team for being extra patient with me. And thank you to everyone for your kind words, and well wishes!”

Everyone at MeloTel couldn’t be happier for Chantel and Mitchell. Our team invites you to join us in congratulating the couple on their soon-to-be family of three!