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Introducing Napoleon Dumlao!

The MeloTel team is both proud and excited to announce the addition of our newest member, Napoleon Dumlao! We invite you to welcome Napoleon to our family as he takes on his new position of Customer Service & Technical Support Specialist. As you’re likely aware, MeloTel takes its customer service regimen very seriously. Growing our customer relationships with a client-centric approach is a vital part of our mandate. Sharing this mindset, Napoleon fits perfectly on our team!

Known as “Naps” for short, Napoleon has a unique method of providing customer service. His belief is that you should treat your customers like your parents. According to Naps, showing consideration, understanding and patience is key. “My approach is to think of customers as if they were my parents when showing support over the phone,” he details, “Not everybody is tech savvy. But if you have that approach, you can pretty much solve anything.”

Napoleon is a Centennial College graduate with a Computer Programming diploma.

He also has over 16 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, having provided exceptional tech support among many other duties. As a former employee of such major corporations as Bell and Rogers, Naps is intimately aware of the benefits that small companies, such as MeloTel, are able to provide clients over their larger counterparts.

“What I’ve noticed is that even though MeloTel is a small company, it’s pretty powerful,” says Napoleon, “It meets the expectations of those bigger companies. It’s pretty impressive that such a small company has not just the technology, but the customer service. I saw a lot of the reviews for MeloTel and I was like ‘Wow, this company is 5-star!’”

Naps is a Scarborough, Ontario native of Filipino descent.

Named after his father (which technically makes him Napoleon Dumlao Jr.), MeloTel’s newest team member is a big-time family man. When he’s not providing incomparable tech support for MeloTel’s clients, the husband and father of three is busy coaching his son’s basketball and baseball teams. A staunch Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays supporter, Napoleon also maintains an ever-positive attitude about his favourite squads.

When asked about the fact that the Raps just recently got knocked out of playoff contention, he had this to say: “These guys had the odds against them. We lost Gasol and Ibaka. We were playing in Tampa. But honestly, we won a championship (in 2019). That will never be taken away from us!”

Napoleon also shares the secret to his youthfulness.

The 40 year-old looks like he could still pass as a high school student. And he has a simple solution for looking young. “The trick is to just keep your hair short,” he reveals, “Look at The Rock (actor and former wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, who turned 49 last week). He doesn’t look like his age because he keeps his hair short. But if he grows his hair, you’ll see the whites.”

On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, we’d like to officially welcome Napoleon to our family. We wish him the very best in his new venture with us. If you have the good fortune of speaking to Naps in the near future, be sure to offer him your congratulations as well! If you’re a MeloTel client in need of tech support, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email

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