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How To Deliver Top-Tier Customer Service While On The Road

With the summer now in full swing, you’re likely thinking of all the wonderful places you’d like to visit throughout the season. After all, the summertime and vacations are synonymous. However, being a business owner doesn’t necessarily allow you the time you need to step away from the office at leisure. Or does it?

With today’s technology, you can easily conduct business while on the road. In fact, being away from the office gives you the opportunity to showcase a top-tier customer service regimen

Make your smartphone your best friend.

Let’s be honest. Most of us can’t live without our smartphones anyway. You may as well utilize it as a business-conducting tool. Smartphones make it incredibly easy to stay in touch with clients, colleagues and co-workers. Firstly, you can utilize mobile apps for email and social media messaging to keep track of customer inquiries and requests. In addition, tools like Slack, Zoom and Salesforce can help you to manage customer interactions seamlessly.

Remember, as well, that cloud-based solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive allow you to access important documents and customer information from anywhere. Cloud services also facilitate collaboration with your team, making it easier to manage tasks and share updates.

Be clear about your working hours.

Just because you can be accessed 24/7 doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be available 24/7. It’s important, of course, to be free to conduct business during business hours no matter where you are. Be sure to communicate those hours to your client base. If there are times when you’ll be completely unavailable, provide alternative contacts or solutions.

It’s good to showcase transparency. It prevents frustration and ensures that your customers feel cared for, even if you’re not immediately available. Don’t forget to prioritize self-care when working remotely as well. By getting enough rest, eating well and taking breaks when needed, you will stay energized and focused. Remember, your well-being directly affects your ability to provide excellent service.

Schedule regular check-ins.

When you conduct regular scheduled check-ins with your team, it helps to maintain a personal touch. The same thing goes for your clients. They will appreciate the fact that you haven’t forgotten about them even when you’re away from your desk. Use tools like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to schedule video calls or phone meetings.

It’s wise to empower your team with vital knowledge as well. When you’re simply unavailable to speak to a customer, it’s important for someone on your team to be able to help out. Trusting your team to manage customer interactions allows you to focus on strategic tasks while ensuring customers receive consistent support.

Take advantage of Single Number Reach!

Never miss a call no matter where you are and stop giving out your personal cell phone number! Have your calls routed differently after hours. With Melo Technology’s Single Number Reach, you can forward your business number to any device you like. That means that any time the number is dialed, you will have your chosen devices ring simultaneously.

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