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The Costs Of Being Unavailable To Your Customers When They Need You

In the year 2024, business owners have almost no excuse for being inaccessible. With a wide variety of social media platforms to choose from, in addition to email and text messaging, your customers have numerous options for getting in touch. Let’s not forget, of course, that the good old telephone should remain a top source of communication between you and the members of your target audience.

Make no mistake that it can be very costly for your business if you are unavailable to your customers when they need you.

You miss out on opportunities to generate revenue.

By being unavailable, you practically ask for sales to slip right through your fingers. Many customers have simple questions before making purchases. Something as simple as you not answering your phone during business hours can cause a potential sale to fly right out the window. Similarly, not answering an email in a prompt manner can cause a potential customer to seek help elsewhere.

Keep in mind that being inaccessible isn’t just a one-time loss. It can lead to the spreading of bad information about your company. “They never pick up” or “they’re completely unreliable” can end up being phrases used to describe your brand both offline and online. When you’re easy to get in touch with, the opposite, more positive form of feedback is given. Of course, that only helps you to generate more sales.

You damage your brand’s reputation.

Not only do consumers want excellent customer service, they want to be able to trust the companies they support. When they don’t get the attention they feel they deserve, they will tend to lose trust. Yes, a single instance of unavailability might not seem like a big deal. However, repeated occurrences can tarnish your company’s reputation. Remember again, that word spreads quickly, these days. This can lead to decreased customer loyalty.

It’s vital to bear in mind that customers want businesses to make them feel valued and heard. “They’re always so quick to help out” and “I can depend on them when I need them” are phrases you definitely want your customers to share. Being accessible can help you to grow your list of loyal customers. They will be more likely to both make repeat purchases and recommend your business to others.

You create chaos amongst your team.

“It wasn’t my responsibility to call him back” and “I had no idea she even called” are statements you don’t want heard during your team meetings. Whose job is it to handle customer queries, anyway? Every member of your staff should know the answer to that question. Unanswered queries can pile up. This can lead to confusion and inefficiency within your team.

Without being readily accessible, your employees may struggle to handle the backlog of calls. As a result, important tasks can slip through the cracks. This operational disarray affects both customer satisfaction and employee morale. Clear, prompt communication, on the other hand, creates a smooth and efficient operation that pleases everyone.

Never miss an important call again!

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