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Be Sure To Avoid These Customer Service Phone Fails

We all know how important customer service is. In today’s world, one bad experience can send a consumer away forever. Even worse, that consumer has the ability to tell countless people just how bad his or her experience was. With that said, it’s vital that you and your team remain focused on providing the best customer service possible. In order to do that, be sure to avoid these customer service phone fails!

Leaving them hanging.

No one likes waiting. As a result, it’s super important to not keep a customer on hold for too long. Even if your work requires a long duration of time, it’s wise to keep coming back to the line to let your caller know you haven’t forgotten him or her. Extra long hold times are among the fastest ways to frustrate customers. It makes them feel undervalued and neglected.

Do your best to minimize hold times. Remember to keep your callers informed about what’s happening while they are on hold. In some cases, it may simply be best to tell your callers that you will call them back after their matters have been resolved. That way, they will feel that you value their time. Not to mention, you eliminate a major inconvenience.

Not personalizing your interactions.

There is no one way to provide customer service. That’s because every customer is different! Match the energy of your callers. If they are happy and energetic, be sure to communicate with enthusiasm. If they sound fatigued or depressed, show empathy and be courteous. As well, always use your customers’ names. Adding personal touches to your interactions shows a genuine and human side that matters to most.

By personalizing your interactions, you can transform routine phone calls into positive, memorable experiences. Stiff, scripted conversations can make customers feel like they’re just numbers in the queue.


Listen! When you interrupt a customer mid-sentence, it can come off as rude and dismissive. Be sure to let all of your callers explain their issues fully before you jump in with solutions. Firstly, you want to make sure you have all the details correctly. This ensures that you can resolve any potential issues on your first try. Secondly, avoiding the always-annoying cut-off will make your customers feel respected.

If you need to clarify something, wait for a natural pause in the conversation. Patience and attentive listening are keys to effective customer service.

Taking things personally.

Nearly every angry customer is upset at something that had nothing to do with you. Hear your callers out. Don’t get upset. When customers are angry, phone agents often get defensive. It’s a natural human reaction but one that needs to be controlled in order to offer top-tier customer service. Stay calm, professional and empathetic. Your goal is to resolve the issue, not to win an argument.

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