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Using The World Cup To Inspire Teamwork In Your Office

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has taken over the planet by storm since November 20th. The every-four-year football (soccer, to us North Americans) tournament started with 32 international teams including Canada. Our nation hasn’t participated in the World Cup since 1986. Although our team got off to an impressive start against Belgium in their first match, they were unable to secure a win in its first three games. Sadly, Canada exited the tournament with an 0-3 record.

Now in its quarter-final stages, the World Cup is down to eight teams: Croatia, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Morocco, Portugal, England and France. Matches to determine the tournament’s final four teams will kick off this Friday. As a business owner, the excitement surrounding the World Cup is certainly something you can use to your advantage. Let’s look at some ways you can use the World Cup to inspire teamwork in your office.

Organize a sales tournament.

This type of friendly in-office competition works wonders in sales-focused environments. Especially if you own or operate a call centre, an incentive-based initiative like a tournament can really help to grow both teamwork and productivity. Create teams at your place of business. Set up a tournament bracket and create “matches” for each day of work. The teams that generate the most sales get to move on to the next round and so on.

Be sure to offer a worthwhile incentive to the team that wins the tournament’s championship. The competitive nature, sparked by World Cup fever, should help your associates to have more fun while they’re working. Just as importantly, it will inspire your staff members to encourage each other and vie for their best performances of the year.

Encourage national team pride.

Does your place of business insist upon a dress code? During the FIFA World Cup, it’s a nice gesture to amend it a little bit. Give your team members the freedom to wear their national team jerseys to work each day. It will liven up the business atmosphere and enable your employees to showcase their pride in their various nationalities. This will only grow the strength of your company culture and inspire greater productivity.

“Allow employees to wear the jersey of the teams they are supporting,” insists the U.K.’s Robert Half Talent Solutions, “Decorate the office in a football theme and providing match day snacks from the countries competing on the day will build comradery and fanfare in the office. This boost of morale will have flow on effect to employees while they are working.”

Set up team-building games.

Who said that everything done within a workplace has to be about work? Take some time to set up games that help to inspire team building. By launching fun activities that involve all members of your staff, you will help to bond individuals who may have never interacted before. In addition, the games will help to ease the tension generally associated with everyday work life.

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