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How Picking Up The Phone Improves Your Business Interactions

“Gimme a call,” “Hit me on my cell,” and “Ding me later” are just a few of the common phrases we throw the way of our friends and colleagues these days. All of them insinuate that we will be dialing their phone numbers so that we may have live conversations with them over the phone. But, how many of us actually do that?

Often, we’ll opt for a text message or two. There’s certainly nothing wrong with texting. However, let it be known that, short of a face-to-face encounter, nothing beats the phone call! This is most definitely true in the world of business. Conducting business over the phone offers a unique set of advantages that simply can’t be matched by any other form of communication.

Phone calls help you to quickly build rapport.

The sound of your voice carries a lot of weight. It’s powerful. A text message or email simply can’t connote your positive tone and energy. If you’re looking to develop and grow your business relationships, it’s certainly wise to allow your voice to deliver the nuances and emotions that written words simply can’t capture. A warm tone, a genuine laugh or an empathetic sigh can convey understanding and build trust in a matter of seconds.

No matter your intention, it is always possible that your emails and texts can be misinterpreted. A phone call, on the other hand, allows for immediate clarification. Your live voice gives you the opportunity to ensure that both parties are on the same page. It also offers a personal touch that can lead to stronger, more meaningful business relationships.

It enables you to solve problems in real time.

There are few things more stressful than handling major issues over written communication. Sitting and waiting for responses to urgent issues only exacerbates anxiety. Why not pick up that phone and take care of business right away? Eliminate the frustrations that are associated with sitting and waiting. Get instant feedback by making a phone call to get instant feedback and details about any and all concerns.

Conducting business over the phone also allows you to brainstorm with business partners a lot easier. It’s far more productive to engage in back-and-forth dialogues. Such real-time interactions can significantly speed up processes, reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency.

It supports superior marketing opportunities.

In sales and marketing, the human touch is invaluable. When you advertise your company’s products and/or services over the phone, you offer a direct and personal element. The phone lets you reach out to potential clients and partners to convey passion and enthusiasm for your product or service. With this personal approach, you can create lasting impressions. They can differentiate your business from competitors who rely solely on digital communication.

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