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The MeloTel Team Wins The Lottery, New CEO Takes Over

As the title of today’s blog has clearly given away, the MeloTel team has some incredibly exciting news to share! A couple of weeks ago, we learned that we had won the $70 million Lotto Max jackpot! You can excuse us for holding off on revealing the news. MeloTel’s CEO, John Meloche insisted that we share it with our families and closest friends first. We’re overjoyed about the new lives we’re all about to lead!

Our quest to hitting the jackpot started a couple of years ago.

Before we inform you about how our winnings will impact the future of MeloTel, allow us to fill you in on how we got to this amazing place in our lives. Two years ago, MeloTel’s Operations Manager, Chantel Cascanette came to the rest of the team with the idea to begin selecting numbers for weekly lottery tickets.

“You never know what could happen!” Chantel excitedly exclaimed, in an effort to get her co-workers on board, “I just saw on an episode of ‘The Office’ where all of the warehouse employees quit their jobs because they had just won the lottery. So, it got me to thinking, I’m not necessarily saying I want to quit my job or anything, but wouldn’t it be great if we actually won the jackpot?”

To quit or not to quit? That is the question.

For some members of the team, the idea of quitting was all they needed to hear in order to agree to pay for a portion of the team’s lottery ticket purchases. “Getting away from John for the rest of my life would be a dream come true,” our Customer Service and Technical Support Specialist, Steeve Martin told us in confidence, “If you ask me, the guy is a good boss and all…but he’s just too tall. Gives me the creeps.”

MeloTel’s Editor In Chief, Daniel Faraldo shared similar sentiments. “John is my boy, but he can really be a stickler for this whole customer service thing,” he exclaimed upon coughing up his first few dollars for the lottery ticket pool, “I get it…be nice to customers blah, blah, blah. I know MeloTel has a reputation for offering the best service and best value in the telecom industry, but does he have to keep bragging about it?”

Most members of our team are already enjoying their winnings.

Since the MeloTel team discovered the news of hitting the $70 million Lotto Max jackpot, most of its members haven’t been heard from. John (MeloTel’s now former CEO), however, stuck around long enough to congratulate his new replacement, Abraham Riffules. Affectionately known as “Abe” around the office, the company’s new CEO has received his new position by default.

“Abe never participated in the pool,” John explained, “He thought it was kind of a silly idea to – as he put it – ‘flush our hard-earned money down the toilet on a ridiculous gambling proposition’. Either way, he’s the only MeloTel employee left, so it’s up to Abe to keep this ship running. I wish him the best of luck. Me – I’m off to the cottage with my family. I just bought a new boat and I can’t wait to take it out on the lake!”

So, with that, we’d like to formally introduce you to MeloTel’s brand new CEO, Abe Riffules!