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Chantel Cascanette Is MeloTel’s MVP!

Readers of the MeloTel Blog are familiar with the fact that, from time to time, we post Client Spotlight blogs. As their name implies, these pieces are meant to shine the proverbial spotlight on the awesome companies that make up MeloTel’s customer base. We enjoy posting such blogs because, after all, what would we be without our customers? If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Client Spotlight blog, please don’t hesitate to fill out our Client Spotlight Request Form.

In today’s blog, however, we’d like to shine the spotlight on someone who is very special to MeloTel. That person is none other than MeloTel’s Operations Manager, Chantel Cascanette. Earlier this week, our Founder and CEO, John Meloche took to his Facebook page to sing Chantel’s praises.

Chantel = MeloTel’s MVP!

“Today, I would like to pay homage to Chantel Cascanette,” he wrote, “She is MeloTel Business Phone Company’s MVP! She came to MeloTel more than 2 years ago and has so quickly transformed into being one of my most valued team members. I couldn’t picture MeloTel without her and I am extremely lucky to have her on my team! Thank you Chantel Cascanette, truly! Note: Now, I was not hacked!”

You can always trust John to add a touch of humour to his social media posts. But his appreciation for Chantel is certainly no joke. And the rest of the MeloTel team absolutely shares his sentiments. Chantel’s dedication to learning the ropes and becoming highly-skilled in her original position as Administrative Assistant helped her to become the company’s fastest growing success.

“When I first came to MeloTel I thought I knew a little something-something about computers,” Chantel tells us, “What I didn’t know was anything about was VoIP systems. Working at MeloTel I’ve learned so much about how little I actually knew about computers and the internet and how it all works. I’ve learned a significant amount about VoIP systems, how it works, what it is and the technology that drives it.”

Chantel started her position in December of 2016.

She admits there was a bit of a learning curve to getting assimilated with the role. Having never worked in an office for a private company before, she was eager to take on the challenges that awaited her. Among those challenges was getting no less than seven years’ worth of paperwork to organize and file away in a brand new filing cabinet that was purchased for her first big project.

“I remember being unsure of myself when I first came to MeloTel, and I can still remember the exact moment when I realized that I made a difference in my role with the company,” Chantel reveals, “I have been able to alleviate a lot of the daily routine mundane work off of John so he could be readily available for the more important tasks and focus on the growth and future of the company.”

Today, Chantel is extremely well-versed in the world of telecommunications and handles numerous tasks for MeloTel including billing, sales, social media campaigns, porting, inventory management, deployment, refurbishing devices and providing support to clients. Not to mention, she’s the most knowledgeable and friendly customer service provider you could ever meet!

On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, thank you Chantel! We wouldn’t be the company we are without our MVP!

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