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Thank You Chantel!

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Some people call it Secretaries Day. It’s also known as Admin Day. As its several names imply, today is a date when we recognize those ever-important members of our staffs who our companies simply can’t do without. Secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants, executive assistants, personal assistants and client services representatives – today is your day! The team, here at MeloTel, would like to acknowledge and thank you all!

Today, MeloTel honours Chantel Cascanette!

Of course, the MeloTel team has to send its biggest thank you to our very own all-star. Once referred to as our Administrative Assistant, the wonderful Chantel Cascanette is so much more than that. The always-bubbly Chantel is MeloTel’s Operations Manager. We say the following without hyperbole. We simply couldn’t function without Chantel! She is as efficient, organized and reliable as they come.

As we mentioned, she’s also the friendliest person you could ever meet. It’s one thing to be eternally dependable. Our team can always trust Chantel to keep the company running like a well-oiled machine. But the positive energy that Chantel brings to work every day is something that makes being her co-worker an unparalleled experience. She’s just the best! Creating smiles is definitely a specialty of hers.

Chantel has a wealth of experience in administrative roles.

Having worked for both Scarborough General Hospital and the City of Toronto, Chantel is adept at handling the day-to-day operations of the biggest entities in our city. A graduate of Seneca College, she specialized in Business Administration and proves every day that she is capable of keeping a company both highly organized and efficient.

Chantel is also as outgoing as it gets. She is every bit as much of a great friend as she is an excellent team member. In the photo above, you can see her taking in a fun day with the MeloTel team five years ago. On this particular day, she and MeloTel’s CEO, John Meloche took a dune buggy out for a spin!

“Sometimes, being an administrative professional is a dirty job.”

As you can tell from the photo, the pair got a little muddied up during their exhilarating experience. John couldn’t help but remark about the symbolism of the activity’s outcome. “Sometimes, being an administrative professional is a dirty job,” he noted, “But Chantel always gets it done!”

“Chantel couldn’t be a more awesome person to work with,” added MeloTel’s Editor In Chief, Daniel Faraldo this morning, “I don’t know that she’s ever had a bad day. If so, I haven’t seen it! She’s so easy to work with, super efficient and never without a ton of positive energy to share.”

Who are you celebrating today?

Do you have a member of your team who is in an administrative role that you are acknowledging today? We would highly encourage you to do so. Without such members of our team, the seams of a business can come undone. Chantel takes care of so many responsibilities that can often be overlooked. We would like to thank Chantel not just today, but every day. As mentioned, you are MeloTel’s all-star! Enjoy your special day, but know that you are appreciated all year round!

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