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5 Ways That Your Company Benefits From A CRM

CRM – Customer Relationship Management. Three simple letters representing three basic words. But they can mean the difference between your business running like a well-oiled machine or having your company in complete disarray! This is no over exaggeration. We’ve heard countless stories from business owners who have lost leads because they have forgotten to make call backs, misplaced phone numbers or didn’t record pertinent information about their clients.

Having a system in place that helps you to manage your company’s interactions with its clients is essential. This is why MeloTel offers the incredible DaFeeder Preview Dialer. It allows even the most basic computer user to manage campaign dialing and dispositions. With its feature-rich set of processes, DaFeeder Preview Dialer will greatly assist you in helping to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction. Here are six reasons your company needs a CRM.

1. It stores pertinent data. Your company relies on metrics. Critical to its growth and success is the accumulation of information attained during each interaction with each of your clients. A CRM will help you to convert stored data into useful reports that can tell you a lot about the people you service. Based on your reports, you will be better able to create marketing strategies that work.

2. It has a good memory. Okay, so maybe your memory isn’t all that bad. But can you honestly say that you have the numbers of ALL of your clients memorized? Even if you did (which you don’t), there is no way that your sales staff can adequately store both the phone numbers and important information about each and every one of their clients in their minds. Your CRM allows you to manage all of your files better than any file folder ever could.

3. It helps to eliminate clutter. Speaking of file folders, a CRM will allow you to get rid of them! All your data is stored in a safe and secure online warehouse (so to speak) when you employ this technology. As a result, it is unnecessary for your employees to keep traditional paper files that will only continue to pile up. There’s no need to have cluttered desk space anymore since all files are essentially on your office computers.

4. It makes calling a breeze. Gone are the days when workers were required to read phone numbers from a sheet of paper in order to manually dial them on traditional telephones. If your business is still operating in such a manner, it’s definitely time to exit the stone ages! Allow your team the ease of not having to do any dialing at all. Your CRM is an automatic dialer, complete will all of the on-screen information necessary to know about the clients being called.

5. It inspires competition. Having a CRM helps your employees to do their jobs better. It’s as simple as that. As a result, you should expect higher rates of productivity. This will allow you to encourage inter-office competitiveness in ways that both boosts employee morale and inspires even greater workmanship. A bubbling working environment is good for business. You just need the tools to help your team members to do their best jobs possible.

MeloTel’s DaFeeder Preview Dialer is offered to its clients through three different tiers of service. We understand that the needs of every business are different so we’ve created packages in order to suit various business sizes. Our unique CRM service offers a wide variety of benefits that we’d be happy to further speak with you about. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more by dialing 1-888-MELOTEL!