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What Are The Best Ways To Boost Productivity In Your Call Centre?

All call centre managers have the intimidating task of getting their entire staffs to have productive days – day in and day out. Working on the phone can cause burnout. And when employees get disgruntled or dismayed with their lack of production, it’s up to their team leaders to pull them out of their proverbial ruts. What can be done to have high employee morale, energy and production in your call centre each day?

Align your goals with those of your employees.

Get to know what makes your employees tick. It’s important to be respectful of their personal goals within your company. By supporting and motivating your staff, you will more closely align the company’s goals with those of its workers. Be sure to let your team know that their efforts matter – but also that their aspirations matter as well.

“Having staff focus on output is vital to increase productivity in the call centre,” writes digital marketing specialist, Jade Longelin on, “Make your company goals their personal goals. Call centre work can be monotonous and left unattended, staff can quickly get bored. Including call centre staff in conversations about objectives, goals and achievements can help staff stay on board and make the company’s achievements their own.”

Train, train and train again.

A new hire’s training period should certainly not be the only time he/she is being trained. Just as technology often updates, so should one’s understanding of his/her job. It’s never a bad idea to give refresher courses. Doing so on, at least, a monthly basis, will ensure that all of your agents are on the same page with respect to what is expected of them and how to achieve best results.

“Better-trained agents lead to more productive teams,” insists Rachel Saltsgaver on, “In fact, contact centres that provide ongoing agent training achieve a 4.6% year-over-year improvement in agent performance compared to contact centres that don’t. Managers can use modern training software to quickly create simple, yet effective lessons on new products, services, skills, and procedures that agents need to know.”

Ensure the technology you use is top-notch.

As mentioned, advances in technology take place all the time. It’s practically mandatory for you to stay on top of them. If you and your call centre staff are using an archaic system to make and take calls, process sales and measure performances, you’re only hurting your company’s bottom line. “Stop using excel sheets to measure KPIs and pull performance reports,” insists Longelin.

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