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Try DaFeeder Preview Dialer FREE For 30 Days!

History has proven that the most successful of call centre businesses are often the ones that use the most innovative technological advancements. For many years now, MeloTel has heralded the use of DaFeeder Preview Dialer in call centres because of its ability to provide both one-touch dialing capabilities and its offering of an amazing online customer account filing system.

DaFeeder (pronounced “duh-feed-er”) is a simple web-based telemarketing software that allows even the most inexperienced computer users to manage campaign dialing and dispositions. This revolutionary service is rethinking how web-based technology can help small and medium-sized businesses manage their telemarketing, customer acquisition and political survey strategies.

DaFeeder Preview Dialer offers numerous features!

It delivers a feature-rich set of processes that enhances effectiveness, drives sales, improves customer satisfaction and provides insight into performance. Supported by administration capabilities that adapt to how your company operates, DaFeeder is delighting companies and employees of all sizes across a broad range of industry sectors.

Check out this 5-minute(ish) YouTube video about DaFeeder, put together by MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche! The video is a very quick, non-technical overview of DaFeeder. In the couple of years since its release, it has sparked a lot interest in the service. As a result, MeloTel has recently decided to take things a step further in its marketing of DaFeeder.

DaFeeder now has its own Facebook page!

For all things DaFeeder Preview Dialer, please visit its brand new Facebook page. By liking and following this page, you’ll be among the first to get access to new and important information about this great feature. Perhaps, more importantly, you’ll also get front-of-the-line opportunities to save when signing up for it.

Arguably, there’s no better time than now to give DaFeeder a try. By signing up today, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of DaFeeder Preview Dialer FREE for 30 days! There is no commitment or obligation attached to this offer. It’s a totally risk-free opportunity, so give it a shot! The offer expires March 13, 2020.

We recently rolled out some new DaFeeder features!

“Auto-Dial Plugin” allows organizations to give their agents the ability to enable a lead to be called without the need to click the call button. You can also “Add a Lead History” note anytime a lead is manually added. This aids in logging the lifeline of a lead. “Expanded Callbacks Preview in Calendar” lets you see the first three callbacks due for any day in your calendar before you need to click the “More” button.

“Filter Callbacks in Calendar” now allows managers to filter results between their own callbacks or agent callbacks in the calendar. We’ve also made “Do Not Call List” page improvements. Now you can see the date when a DNC record was added. Finally, “Campaigns Details” has been updated so that now when you’re viewing the campaigns list, you can see how many agents and which agents are assigned to campaigns with a simple mouse-over.

For more information about DaFeeder Preview Dialer, please don’t hesitate to call MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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