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How To Inject Holiday Cheer Into Your Call Centre Environment

With less than a month to go until Christmas, it’s undeniable that the holiday spirit is in the air. Now, if that statement isn’t true for your place of business, some immediate changes should be made. This is especially true if you own and operate a call centre.

As we’ve pointed out in numerous blogs of past, call centre workers have tough jobs. Being on the phone all day can be a drag, if we’re being honest. As a call centre manager, a big part of your job is boosting employee morale on a regular basis.

There’s no time like the holiday season to grow the good vibes in your call centre. Your phone agents could certainly make use of a festive atmosphere. Not only will it enhance the employee experience but, in turn, it will boost customer satisfaction as well. So what can you do to inject holiday cheer into your call centre environment?

Supply your staff with sweet treats.

For many people, it isn’t the presents that make the holiday season so much fun – it’s the food! Who doesn’t love attending holiday parties and dinners where the eats are abound? Turn your call centre into a buffet (of sorts) by having some tasty goodies available for your staff members to enjoy each day. At the very least, designate a day or two each week, until the holidays, for there to be sweet treats awaiting your employees.

“Everyone loves sweets, right?” asks Jeff Charles on, “Get some baskets of sweet treats and place them throughout your office. Sure, it might not be the healthiest choice, but your people will still love you for it. As a matter of fact, you can even get team members to help with this. The more involved your employees are, the better the impact this will have.”

Host a Secret Santa.

‘Tis the season of giving, after all, right? Secret Santa is a holiday tradition in offices all across North America. Simply set a small budget and encourage everyone in the office to pick a name out of a hat to find out who they need to buy a small gift for. When the day comes to hand out those gifts, turn the activity into a bit of a fun game.

“You’ll be amazed how much effort people will put into coming up with lovely, creative presents for their colleagues,” insists, “You could also challenge everyone to guess who their ‘secret santa’ is, based on the kind of gift they gave.”

Set up holiday-themed games.

Call centres are known for their competitiveness. In addition to injecting holiday cheer into your place of business, games can also help to grow productivity. Offering incentives for your top December performers is a great way to accomplish both feats. “Contests are a great way to break the ice and get your team members engaged,” Charles writes.

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