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5 Ways That VoIP Can Change Your Business

There once was a day when if you moved from one home to another, you would have to get a new phone number. It’s simply the way that landlines were created. Of course, this was no different if you had to move your business from one location to another. The inconvenience of changing your personal phone number may not be so troubling to overcome. But changing your business phone number can always impact your bottom line.

That day, however, is long gone. With VoIP technology, business owners have the amazing ability to transport their business phone numbers wherever they please. Your VoIP service changes the way old landlines used to allow telephones to function. With VoIP, your calls are traveling over the internet, similar to the way your emails do. Obviously, you don’t have to change your email address if you use different computers, right?

MeloTel proudly offers top-of-the-line VoIP telephone services and has been doing so since the inception of our company. It’s what brought us to the dance, you might say. And to this day – and well into the future, we might add – VoIP technology will be at the heart of the MeloTel brand. If you’re still a bit hesitant to adopt this wonderful service, allow us to offer you five ways that VoIP can change your business.

1. Superior sound quality. When VoIP services were first introduced to the world, there were some hiccups in the ways in which it functioned. Sound quality was sometimes an issue. But the technology has come quite a long way in quite a short amount of time. Today, VoIP allows people to receive crystal clear calls using either standard phones or IP phones. As a result, many businesses have abandoned their traditional phone lines.

2. Reduced costs. VoIP will save you money. Period. Traditional phone companies are still charging people for long distance calls. With VoIP technology, you’re using the internet to communicate. So like sending emails, making phone calls to distant locations won’t add to your telecommunications costs. Utilizing MeloTel’s VoIP telephone services will automatically save you money on your monthly bills.

3. Portability. While we mentioned this one already, it deserves repeating. Your phone system goes where you go. All you need is access to the internet. No matter where you go, you can keep in touch with your customers, employees and colleagues just as you would if you were at home or at your place of business. You can even talk on your laptop as long as you have a headphone and/or microphone set up.

4. Emailed messages. One of the coolest features that comes along with VoIP telephones is the fact that your voice mail messages can be forwarded to your email inbox. That way, you get all of your messages in one place that can be easily accessed. After a caller leaves a voice message for you, it is automatically transferred to your email account as a high-quality WAV file. Your old phone can’t do that!

5. Increased productivity. Your VoIP telephone number can be configured to simultaneously ring on up to five different devices. It’s an awesome feature known as Single Number Reach, and it has been heralded as one of MeloTel’s top services. No longer will you need to play “phone tag” with anyone. VoIP technology guarantees your callers that you can be reached. How is that not good for your business?

For more information on the VoIP telephone services and others offered by MeloTel, please call us at 1-888-MELOTEL today!