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3 Reasons To Offer Your New Product Or Service For Free

The word “free” is almost always guaranteed to grab the attention of consumers. Who doesn’t like getting something for free? However, for many business owners, the word “free” is often something that sends them recoiling. How can you expect to make any money by giving things away? If you’ve asked this question when discussing the concept of offering free samples, we can’t blame you. But allow us to provide you with a little insight.

Offering your new product or service as a freebie just may be the perfect way to begin seeing profits. Here are three reasons to offer your new product or service for free:

1. Up to 30 percent of consumers make purchases after getting free samples.

Freebies are great gateways to sold products. They help to introduce your products and services to people who may otherwise never give them a try. As reported by Holly Everett on, offering free samples garnered Snack Factory (the maker of Pretzel Crisps) a conversion rate between 25 and 30 percent. “At least a quarter of those who tried a free sample ended up buying the product,” she makes clear.

2. Freebies are great ways to introduce your new business.

If your company is a brand new entity looking to make a name for itself in its marketplace, freebies are excellent methods of introducing your goods and/or services to the public. For most people, the opportunity to sample what you have to offer will be their first times experiencing your brand. By getting their hands on one of your items for free, it will encourage consumers to not just consider making purchases, but to consider giving your brand their support long-term.

“For newer companies, sampling gives customers a sense of understanding and experience with an unknown product before they commit to buy,” writes Drew Gannon on

3. Giving out freebies can make you a lot of new friends.

As smart business owners are well aware, excellent customer service often trumps high-quality products and services in the “how to keep customers loyal” game. Providing great service is a way to have word of mouth promotion work in your favour. When you give out freebies, people will not only want to support your company, they’ll want to tell others about it as well.

“Luckily for you and your guests, giving away free samples will start the beginning of a beautiful, mutually beneficial relationship,” says Everett, “When you incorporate free samples into your business strategy, your customers will get the warm fuzzies about your business while you have the opportunity to make a brand advocate out of a typical customer.”

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