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5 Reasons Giving Out Freebies Is Good For Business

In order to turn a profit, it’s always important to be paid for every single thing that you give your customers, right? Wrong. Well, to be a bit more specific, perhaps the answer should be “not necessarily”. Of course, you need to be compensated for your products and services. How else will your business be able to survive if you didn’t? But the benefits of giving things away to your customers are plenty. There is a lot to be said about the power of freebies.

Firstly, who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? Often, it doesn’t even have to be something of worth, but the gesture itself is usually enough to impress a customer. Secondly, it says a lot about your brand when it’s willing to go the extra mile to impress a client. People are not soon to forget about the freebie you’ve given them. If you’re looking to secure a customer’s loyalty for the long haul, giving out a freebie is not a bad idea at all. Here are five reasons why.

1. It builds a buzz about your brand. It shouldn’t be news to you that news travels fast in today’s digital era. Between the millions of Facebook and Twitter accounts out there, one freebie given to a customer can turn into quite the advertising campaign on social media. Give people reasons to post positive comments about your business. When they can comfortably tell the world that they were happy to do business with you, you will be richly rewarded.

2. It encourages skeptical customers to give your brand a try. We’ve all come across customers who want to “think about it” before making a purchase. It’s understandable. Smart shoppers want to make intelligent buying decisions. You make the decision a whole lot easier, however, when you allow your customers to try your product or service out for free. As well, money back guarantees can certainly go a long way in securing new clients.

3. It gets you on their good side. There’s nothing like a freebie to satisfy a displeased customer. We’ve all been on that other end of the rope. You know, the angry customer? Consider what it took to make you not leave a company for good after having a less-than-savoury encounter with it. Generally, being offered something for free is enough to – at the very least – spark interest in a continued conversation about remaining with the business.

4. It encourages referrals. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve likely heard it a thousand times. Nothing beats word of mouth promotion. Arguably, even stronger than the social media plugging is the personal recommendations of your business by your satisfied customers. When people are truly happy with what you’ve done for them, they are bound to tell their family and friends. These are the types of referrals that can give you new lifelong customers.

5. It creates buying habits. If you’ve given your customers something for free, they are a lot more likely to pay for the other products and services you offer. It’s all about creating positive experiences. As has been often said, it’s harder to get new customers than it is to keep your current ones. When your current customers are happy, they will make a habit out of continually coming to your business for what they need.

At MeloTel, we believe strongly in the philosophy of giving out freebies. This is why we’ve adopted it by offering The All Inclusive Phone Offer. Unlike other telecom providers who generally neglect to mention the charges for hardware and set up, we provide our clients with a FREE phone when they sign up for our Commercial Telephone services! It’s as simple as giving us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!