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5 Signs Of An Eventual VoIP Takeover

In the business world, there has been some talk about the potential for VoIP to one day completely take over traditional calling. It’s hard to argue that there are a number of benefits that VoIP technology provides that you can’t get from your age-old landlines. Companies all over Canada are taking advantage of VoIP telephone systems and finding that the benefits far outweigh those of their previous telephone connections.

But is it bound to do away with landlines for good? It’s debatable of course, but the evidence is clear. VoIP is certainly the way of the future. And while it’s been around for several years, its impact continues to grow. As a provider of VoIP telephone services since its inception, MeloTel knows a thing or two about just how beneficial VoIP can be. Here are five signs that VoIP just might take over traditional landlines in time.

1. It cut costs. If we’re being honest, the fact that VoIP technology costs less than their traditional phone lines is generally the first thing that attracts new customers. Because calls are carried over the cloud, an internet connection versus a landline connection is needed. As a result, telephone bills are not what they used to be! Gone are the long distance charges that used to be commonplace with traditional phone lines.

2. It provides flexibility. Business employees love the fact that with VoIP telephone services, they can access their phone networks anywhere in the office. They are not tied down to one particular phone device that rings only for one particular phone number. In fact, VoIP allows office workers to use the same phone number when they are working outside of the office. A VoIP telephone system allows for very flexible access.

3. It eliminates boundaries. Since VoIP telephone technology doesn’t tie people down to any one particular workstation, it probably goes without saying that you can use the same phone number anywhere in the world. Because a phone number is assigned to a converter, it makes it possible to use that converter with any high-speed internet connection. That means that you can travel across the world with your laptop and still use the same number to make calls!

4. It has tons of features. Toll free numbers, voice mail to email, automated attendant receptionists, company directories, call routing, hold music, out of office options, call conferencing and so much more comes with your VoIP telephone services. You can also assign multiple numbers to your company, define extensions, set up a virtual directory and allow incoming calls to reach certain extensions or departments on or off the network.

5. It provides crystal clear communication. When customers first hear of VoIP telephone technology, one of their chief concerns becomes the clarity of the calls. We’ve all experienced bad connections and dropped calls before. This is especially true when using our cell phones. But VoIP has an excellent reputation for providing users with excellent sound quality and interruption-free calling.

Now we’re not predicting that VoIP is bound to completely take over traditional landline connections any time soon. But we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see our world headed in that direction. It seems as if that’s the way things are going anyways. The benefits of VoIP technology can’t be denied. If you’re yet to experience them, give MeloTel a call at 1-888-MELOTEL and allow us to introduce you to the future!