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The Importance Of Timely Customer Service

In today’s world, people are able to get their hands on what they want fast. In the past, the simple securing of important information often took a trip to the library. Today, instead of searching for that information-filled book to get answers, people are able to whip out their smart phones, type in a few letters and locate pertinent details within seconds. We really have come a long way. Technology, it can be argued, has spoiled us.

As a result, we live in a world where immediate access is expected. And this is certainly true for the modern day consumer. Customers generally go online to locate information about products and services long before they visit brick-and-mortar store locations. That way, they’re able to have many of their questions answered before they even actually ask them. This is just one of the reasons that handling customer queries by phone must be done efficiently.

At MeloTel, we firmly believe in the expeditious handling of support calls. Quick resolutions are a shining feature of our brand – if we may say so ourselves. In fact, in 2014, we handled a total of 3,085 telephone support calls. We succeeded in having an average time of 2:27 to find resolutions. As well, our customers spent an average of 8 seconds wait time to have their calls answered. We’re pretty proud of these statistics. But it doesn’t mean we don’t plan on improving!

Are you looking to better your reputation? In any service industry, timely responses are huge parts of what makes a company successful. Naturally, untimely responses represent a key sign of poor customer service. People don’t like waiting. Especially in today’s aforementioned get-it-quick society, sitting and waiting for calls to be answered or returned is not a practice that most people are willing to put up with. Customers want to feel valued. Responding quickly is one way to do that.

Are you looking to retain your customer base? Of course you are. Losing out to the competition is not on the to-do list of any business owner. However, when you keep your customers waiting, there’s not much to hold them back from taking their business elsewhere. Remember that your clients always have options. Most of them are not going to opt for sitting on hold for long durations and leaving messages that go unreturned within 24 hours. It’s unacceptable.

Are you looking to increase sales? At the end of the day, all business owners have generating sales as part of their bottom lines. The more your customers are kept waiting, the more they will dislike your brand of customer service. And, in today’s social media-crazed world, the word will easily spread that your brand is not one that can be depended on. Efficient service is a sales booster. It gives customers confidence that you can be trusted.

Are you using the right technology? Perhaps, there are some factors that are preventing you from providing the efficient customer service necessary to improve the reputation of your brand. In many cases, business owners are simply too busy to attend to all of the support calls that come their way. In that case, a larger staff may be in order. But for calls that are made specifically to you, you need the right technology in place to make sure they are not missed.

At MeloTel, we offer such Telephone Features as Voice Mail in Your Email so that no important message ever gets overlooked. Saving voice mails as WAV files in your inbox, this feature provides an excellent way to keep on top of all of your incoming messages on any device. Single Number Reach is another of our most heralded features as it allows for your phone number to be forwarded to up to five different devices simultaneously. It will be hard to not be accessible with this service.

For more information on these and other MeloTel services that will improve the efficiency of your customer service, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!