Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Synergy Marketing

Last week, in our “Thankful For Your Touching Testimonials” blog, we expressed our gratitude to a number of our amazing clients who kindly offered up some wonderful words about their experiences with our business. This wasn’t our first blog, by the way, to highlight how awesome our clients are. In the past, we’ve posted “Client Spotlight” blogs to show our appreciation to our clients.

And today, we’d like to continue that trend by shining the spotlight on one of our longest-standing clients, Synergy Marketing. In fact, when our company president John Meloche, first got MeloTel off the ground, he was working as Synergy’s Vice President of Marketing. Today, when you visit, you’ll see that the relationship remains as strong as ever!

The website is not only designed and powered by MeloTel’s Web Design Services team, but its daily blog is updated by our Bloggers For Hire staff as well. Synergy Marketing’s site brings visitors into a world where they are able to choose from a vast variety of amazing promotional products. As the website domain name reveals, Synergy Marketing is known throughout Canada as the provider of the best promo products in the business!

For many years now, they have proven to Canadian business owners that when branded promotional products are handed out to clients, they help to secure customer loyalty, garner referrals and increase sales among a number of other benefits. MeloTel is proud to call Synergy Marketing one of its original clients. Recently, Synergy Marketing’s President Marshall Rosen was kind enough to offer a few words about his experience working with MeloTel.

“I have been a customer of MeloTel since 2009,” he wrote on MeloTel’s Yellow Pages profile, “One of the first customers. I know the CEO personally and vouch 100% for MeloTel as a service provider for my business. Our company has a sales team of 45 agents and 10 admin staff. We also have offices in different cities and MeloTel connected them all.” Marshall went on to reveal how efficient he feels that we are at doing our job.

“From the moment I contacted them, I have been completely astonished with the way that I am treated as a customer and I love that that when I call them, they are available fast, and do everything they can to help,” he added, “They have helped us even on occasions when it was determined the problems were our fault.” Synergy Marketing also takes advantage of MeloTel’s VoIP Telephone Services and DaFeeder Preview Dialer.

And how is Marshall feeling about those services? “The call quality and flexibility in their phone platform is incredible,” he reveals, “It integrates with our CRM software (which they also provide us). The value I get for the services they provide me is excellent. I would strongly recommend to any business to consider MeloTel as their provider. Simply awesome and very satisfied as a customer. Thank you!”

Not that we were running a contest or anything, but we may just have to award Marshall with providing the best testimonial ever! On behalf of the entire MeloTel staff, we would like to thank him and everyone else at Synergy Marketing for being such amazing partners of ours for the past five years. Your promotional products are second-to-none and working with you has been nothing short of an extreme pleasure and honour.