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5 Ways To Provide Unbeatable Customer Experiences

You might have noticed that we care a lot about customer satisfaction, here at MeloTel. Our company operates as if we are customers ourselves. Because, after all, we are customers! We make purchases of our own on a regular basis from all different types of merchants. And the customer service experience that we expect to receive is the one we aspire to provide for our customers. Actually, we strive to take things a bit further!

At MeloTel, we place great value on our relationships with our clients. It is important for us to treat them all with individual attention and great respect. It is not lost on us that many of our clients have been referred to our company by other happy clients. So we feel a strong sense of responsibility to hold true to our reputation. It’s one thing to provide top-notch service. But it’s a whole other thing to provide unbeatable experiences that keep people coming back.

If you ask us, unbeatable customer service is the true key to success for any business. Perhaps, some businesses may get away with not paying their customers too much attention. Their sheer sizes and subsequent advertising strength is enough to keep them in the marketplace. At MeloTel, however, we stick to the mindset owned by small to medium-sized business owners in Canada. And this is why we think the following tips may work for you. Here are five ways to provide unbeatable customer experiences.

1. Treat your customers with respect. It seems like a no-brainer type of tip, doesn’t it? But we’ve all been into stores where we are paid no mind. Or even worse, we’ve all had those experiences when company representatives exhibit rude or disinterested attitudes. When this happens, as customers, we tend not to look at the individual’s actions alone. We see the disrespect as a reflection of the company that person represents. Simply showing respect to customers will foster excellent customer experiences.

2. Offer freebies. We recently blogged about the benefit of offering your customers things for free. Keep in mind that the “freebies” we’re talking about don’t have to cost your business a penny. We’re talking about things like your time. Go that extra step to provide some worthwhile advice to a customer who is in need of assistance. Valuable information that makes a person’s day helps to create a customer experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

3. Be accessible. This is a point that has been brought up numerous times on the MeloTel Blog. Maybe, it’s because our business is so focused on the concept of good communication. After all, we do offer top-quality VoIP Telephone Features! However, our ability to be reached easily is a big part of what helps our clients to enjoy working with us. Naturally, we may not be available 24/7. And neither are you. But promptly returning emails and voicemails will let your clients know that you value their business.

4. Hold contests. Clearly, this is something that MeloTel has taken to in recent months. Our new Customer Satisfaction Survey gives our clients the opportunity to enter into a monthly draw for $100.00. However, our contest does a lot more than offer customers the chance to win cash. It’s a measure that our company has taken in an effort to improve upon the customer service practices that we have become known for. Again, unbeatable customer service is a priority for our company.

5. Show your appreciation. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple “thank you”. Of course, you can also send emails or even handwritten notes to convey your gratitude. But no matter how you choose to do it, letting your customers know that you appreciate them is perhaps the easiest and most sensible way to build strong customer relationships. To provide unbeatable customer service is to treat customers as you would wish to be treated. Perhaps, even better! That’s the MeloTel way.

For an example of our brand of unbeatable customer service, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL today!