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Exciting Online Changes Afoot For MeloTel

There are some changes taking place at MeloTel, and we’re pretty excited about them! Then again, when haven’t we been excited about introducing something new to our customers? The whole point, we suppose, is that change is good. And, at MeloTel, we are constantly seeking ways to change things for the better. This is why we’re so proud of our Customer Satisfaction Survey initiative. It’s all about bettering our customer service.

Of course, it also adds a little excitement to our interactions with members of our client base, considering that they are each offered a chance to win $100.00 just by taking the survey each month. But, to reiterate, it all comes down to providing the best service possible. And the changes taking place at MeloTel serve to do just that. We will be revealing them very shortly to you. But here is one thing that we can reveal.

You can expect a wonderful new facelift to the MeloTel website very soon. In fact, we’ve already hinted at this as we have commented via Facebook and Twitter that we recently hosted a photo shoot at our Markham, Ontario office. Conducted by our good friend, Alvincent Gozum of Elegant Shots Photography, the photo shoot included brand new shots of our MeloTel Team members in addition to a great team photo, which is featured above.

Alvincent also holds the distinction of being the wedding photographer for MeloTel President, John Meloche and his lovely wife Kathryn – both pictured above with their one year-old son, Mark. Alvincent was selected to take the brand new photos for the MeloTel website based on his continued show of professionalism and high quality output. If you’re looking for a professional photographer, we highly recommend Elegant Shots Photography.

Our forthcoming revamped website will prove just how great his photos are. But, even more importantly to our customers, our online changes will reflect the “stepping up” of MeloTel’s service commitments. Our website will become even more user-friendly, interactive and informative. When visitors to the site come looking for information, they will easily find it – all the while being dazzled by the awesome new visuals.

Of course, more information about MeloTel’s changes will be provided in the near future. Again, the launch of the new website is quickly approaching. It’s important to us, however, to communicate that, behind the scenes, we are always diligently working towards improving customer satisfaction. Making your life easier is a big part of our business mandate. And we plan on sticking to that for the long haul!

It is this attitude that has enabled MeloTel to steadily grow its customer base over the past several years. And with the changes coming to our website, we know that changes will be coming to the size of our client base. Our customers deserve the best. And we’re committed to showcasing just why working with MeloTel as your telecom provider is one of the best choices you can make for your business.

In addition to our VoIP Telephone Features, we offer a host of both Hosted and Professional Services. Among them is Single Number Reach – a feature that forwards your phone number to up to five different devices that will ring simultaneously when it is called. Another is our Bloggers For Hire – an excellent team of writers who are very successful in enriching the content of your website in order to bring it more attention.

For information on these and other services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!