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5 Ways A Strong Voice Benefits Your Brand

Your company has a voice. True, it may not be something that people can always hear, but it has a voice nonetheless. The way in which you write your newsletters, the way that your content is written on your website and the way that you compose your emails all reveal the “voice” of your brand. Is it friendly? Is it engaging? Is it informative? Is it articulate? What type of impression does the voice of your company give?

Of course, there is also a literal voice that can be attached to your company. When people call you up and wish to speak to a live representative, the voices they hear on the phone is what they will associate with your brand. Ask the exact same questions listed above and consider whether or not your staff members are communicating the message that you wish for your business. Your company’s voice can also be heard in many other ways that can benefit your brand.

1. Telephone systems. As mentioned, the telephone is likely the device that will be used by most people to hear a voice associated with your business. But what happens when a customer calls after hours or when no live representative is available? The power of your voice greetings should not be underestimated. People get strong impressions of businesses bases on the professionalism (or lack thereof) of the call answering services that companies use.

2. Website audio. Your company website is, without question, one of the most important tools that your business can use to make a good impression. In many scenarios, voice over work is required to help your visitors navigate through the site. Perhaps there are videos that can be implemented on the site. Other audio clips may also be necessary to make your website as engaging as possible. A strong voice is certainly necessary here.

3. Training videos. When you hire new staff, there will likely be times when showing a video to demonstrate what your brand is all about is necessary. Are you thinking of creating a training video that you may even want to put online? Perhaps your products and services can be demonstrated through videos that require strong voices to adequately get your points across. Online video viewing, as you likely know, is incredibly popular.

4. Radio spots. Some business owners see great benefit in airing commercials on the radio. These can be especially effective if you have a particular promotion that requires a call-to-action by a specific timeframe. Exciting your customers through an innovative, attention-grabbing radio spots is certainly one way to use your company’s voice to its advantage. Naturally, that voice should be clear, strong and entertaining.

5. Television commercials. Hey, if it’s going to work on radio, it’s bound to work on television too, right? If you’re a business owner considering the making of a television commercial for your business, getting the right voice over is imperative. Movie trailers arguably make the best examples of television advertising that requires excellent voice over performances to add intrigue to awe-inspiring visuals.

At MeloTel, our Voice Talent Production team is comprised of some of the recording industry’s best vocalists. Whether you’re looking for a dry voice over or an entire musical number, our experienced team can produce the ideal voice over project for you. Contact MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL to discuss the details of the project that you have in mind. If you’re looking for a strong voice to represent your brand, we’re confident that we can find it for you!