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2 Big Benefits VoIP Gives The Travelling Business Person

Just because the holidays are now distantly behind us, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s travel plans are over. In fact, many business owners from all over Canada travel on a regular basis thanks to their positions as entrepreneurs. For some, this may present a bit of difficulty in the department of keeping-in-touch. And this is why VoIP technology is today’s #1 way to stay connected to all those who matter to your business.

VoIP has completely revolutionized the ways in which we use the telephone. Small business owners have come to realize that when the switch to VoIP is made, the possibilities are endless. And this is especially important to business owners who travel. You see, with a traditional landline, you are pretty much limited to how far you can go. You’re literally confined to the walls of your office or building when using a standard phone.

With VoIP, however, you are using the internet to connect to your network. This means that you can be in the office, at home or even on vacation, and still use the same phone line to connect with your most important clients and colleagues. So what are some of the biggest benefits to using VoIP if you are a travelling business person? Well, if the answer wasn’t obvious already, please allow us to elaborate. Here are two of the biggest benefits.

1. You save a ton of money. Let’s just look at a few of the ways that adopting VoIP technology at your business will save you money. Consider the fact that it will actually enable you to travel less. Yes, travelling may seem like a “perk” of the job to some business owners. But, to others, it becomes cumbersome and exhausting after a while. VoIP technology can spare you the costs of travelling because it allows for online conferencing and video calls.

With VoIP, business owners can meet with clients from all over the world without ever leaving their offices! Let’s not forget that you’ll also save money on those long distance bills. With VoIP using the internet to connect with your clients, you won’t be paying the types of rates that would traditionally come with your old phone bills. Remember, that you are connecting through the cloud. It makes paying for your phone bill a breeze!

2. You greatly increase productivity. VoIP allows you to add numerous phone lines to your network. This enables your staff of customer service representatives to connect with their clients using tools that secure your voice and data more efficiently. This great technology allows your employees to maintain access to your network no matter where they may be. Keep in mind that, like yourself, if your team members have to travel, they can stay connected to their clients easily.

With more ways to stay connected, your company will run more effectively. It’s often referred to as “presence technology”. In other words, the physical location of your both yourself and your staff members isn’t a factor when you are employing VoIP technology in your business. Not showing up in the office at a particular time will no longer be a reason for a task to go uncompleted. VoIP keeps your company connected, and therefore, more productive.

MeloTel has been championing the use of VoIP telephones since the company’s inception. And the technology has come quite a long way since then. In 2015, it has practically become a major necessity for business owners. And that is especially true for those that are on-the-go. If you do a lot of travelling or your schedule doesn’t permit you to be in your office a lot of the time, then VoIP is certainly for you.

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