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4 Business-Boosting Benefits Of Using A Predictive Dialer

At one point in our history, all call centres incorporated lead sheets. These were physical pieces of paper that contained long lists of phone numbers on them. Call centre employees were required to manually dial each and every one of these numbers in order to contact prospective leads. Depending on what happened on each of those phone calls, they would jot down notes in whatever spaces were provided on those pieces of paper.

As you can imagine, those notes would become messy and crowded and over the course of time, fairly useless. This is because there was no real way to separate the leads that were worth calling back from the ones that were not interested or even the phone numbers that didn’t even exist anymore. It was a counterproductive process that has since been left in the annals of our memories. At least, for most of us, that is the case.

Are you still operating your call centre using lead sheets and manual dialing? If so, you’re severely missing out on the possibility of highly-increased productivity, a boost in sales and overall better customer satisfaction. With MeloTel’s DaFeeder Preview Dialer, your phone agents can use click-of-a-button dialing to call their prospects and leave concise, accurate notes on their accounts.

There are numerous business-boosting benefits of using a predictive dialer. Here are four:

1. You will better manage your leads. Without those growing stacks of paper on the desks of your phone agents, your team will be able to better manage all their leads. DaFeeder Preview Dialer makes it easy to filter through unqualified leads, “do not call” numbers, busy signals and individuals who are simply not interested in your offers. The system enables easy record keeping and note taking to create accurate customer histories.

2. You will waste a lot less time. You know the saying, “time is money”. When your reps are no longer calling leads that aren’t interested because they have been documented as such, they will spend a lot more time contacting potential prospects who have expressed interest in previous calls. With a predictive dialer, your phone agents can avoid constantly recalling disconnected lines, uninterested leads or automated answering services.

3. It increases productivity among your reps. With less time wasted comes more time spent wisely. DaFeeder Preview Dialer can precisely determine when to place certain calls so that your agents are engaging with live customers as often as possible. Your agents don’t even have to worry about listening to ringtones. The system either connects calls once they’re answered or enables reps to quickly move on to the next lead if there is no answer.

4. It boosts sales. This is the objective of every call centre, is it not? As mentioned, when you are able to better manage your leads, your team will waste less time calling ones that aren’t worth calling and spend more time making sales. A predictive dialer helps to organize your business in ways that pens and papers never could. If you’re looking to boost sales at your call centre, DaFeeder Preview Dialer is for you.

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