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How To Tell If Your Service Provider Can’t Be Trusted

In our last blog, we pointed out a number of things to look for in a telecom company that provides cloud-hosted solutions. They included scalable technology that grows with your company, high-quality customer service and transparent pricing, just to name a few. Naturally, the Melo Technology team is more than confident that we offer all of the above. We are just as confident that our clients can avoid the signs that tell you your service provider can’t be trusted.

They have a poor ability to communicate.

Can you easily get customer service agents on the phone? Do your emails receive prompt responses? Are your questions answered adequately the first time they’re asked? If you’ve had to answer “no” to any of these questions, your service provider isn’t an adept communicator. You’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable company to do business with.

If your provider is slow to respond to your inquiries or is unresponsive to your needs, they are not committed to providing you with the level of service you deserve. Another red flag is if your service provider consistently fails to deliver on their promises. This could manifest as frequent service outages, missed deadlines or poor quality work. Reconsider your relationship with that provider if you’re constantly dealing with these issues.

They charge hidden fees.

When you get your bill, you should be able to clearly read a list of charges that were agreed upon in advance. Transparent pricing is a vital element of a trustworthy service provider. If you find, however, that your provider is adding hidden fees or charges to your bills without explanation, that’s a problem. It is a clear cut sign that the company is not being honest with you about their pricing.

It only makes things worse if the company doesn’t take accountability. A trustworthy service provider always assumes responsibility for its mistakes. They also diligently work to rectify them. Does your service provider make excuses? Do they backtrack and blame others for their shortcomings? Avoid such companies at all costs.

They receive a lot of poor reviews.

Unquestionably, word of mouth promotion is incredibly valuable. In today’s world, consumers flock to the internet to express either their satisfaction or displeasure. Other consumers read such reviews and testimonials and tend to believe them. Why wouldn’t they? It’s important to seek out a provider that hasn’t generated a poor reputation for itself.

Go online and do some research. Beware of companies that have a number of poor reviews or complaints from other customers. As well, pay attention to feedback from other businesses in your industry. Their experiences can provide valuable insight into the reliability of a service provider.

The Melo Technology team is super elated to have a plethora of 5-star Google reviews!

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