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How Can Accessibility Save Your Business?

There is a long list of reasons why people will decide to work with your company. Among them are great products and services, excellent customer service and an inviting shopping atmosphere. There is also a long list of reasons why people may choose not to work with your company. A lack of the aforementioned is obvious. But the way we see it, here at MeloTel, there are some reasons on the latter list that shouldn’t exist.

Take, for example, not being able to get in touch with a representative of a company you’re seeking help from. Especially when that representative is actually the owner of the business, it reflects pretty poorly on the brand. It reflects so poorly, in fact, that customers start going elsewhere for the same products and services. As a business owner, there really should never be a time that you’re not accessible.

Can you make yourself available 24/7? Well, yes and no. You see, we’re not saying that you somehow have to find a way never sleep again. No one is available around the clock. The point here is that it’s important to communicate to your customers that their needs make the top of your priority list and that you’ll always make time to help them. This entails answering the phone when it rings and returning messages very shortly after they are left for you.

Some business owners get into the habit of not answering their phones because they are “busy”. But when that happens, those all-important customers feel ignored. You’ll certainly want to avoid giving off this impression. Using the excuse that you were “outside of the office” no longer cuts it in a world where VoIP technology has made it so that you can conduct business anywhere across the planet as easily as could in your own office.

How is it possible to conduct business anywhere in the world as if you were in your own office? With MeloTel’s fantastic Single Number Reach feature, you’ll never miss another important phone call again! This incredible feature is perfect for the small business owner on the go. It’s a virtual number service that allows you to forward a local number to up to five different numbers of your choice!

That way, when your business phone number is called, it will ring five different phone numbers simultaneously. Your office phone, your home phone, your cell phone and any other phone of your choice will ring when you use this feature to do away with your accessibility problem. You can even get your own new telephone number and receive voicemails in your email inbox. That way, you’ll never miss another important message again either!

How can Voicemail to your Email be a real business-saving service? With it, no message gets lost as each is logged as a WAV file in your email inbox. To reiterate an earlier-made point, it’s important to return these messages promptly – even if it’s just to say that you received them. Making your customers know that they are not being ignored is an excellent way to grow the reputation of your brand.

That is how accessibility can save your business! For more information about Single Number Reach, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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