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At MeloTel, we really enjoy keeping things fun and free-spirited. Our entire team is made up of very talented individuals who bring a variety of different skill sets to the table. However, each team member is a fun-loving, high-energy type who, in his/her own way, makes our company so much fun to work for.

We do our best to communicate this positive energy through our social media feeds. If you’re not yet following us, we excitedly encourage you to start doing so today! For the record, MeloTel has accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that we would love for you to like and follow!

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On Facebook, pages get “liked” instead of “followed”. It’s the same thing as far as we’re concerned, but we certainly want to ensure that we have our terminology right. Our Facebook page is especially worthwhile to like because it gives you front-of-the-line access to many of our contests and giveaways.

In the past, MeloTel has launched such initiatives as our “Cutest Pet Contest”. We simply asked Facebook users to like our page and then upload of photo of themselves with their cute pets. We gave away $100 to the winners. It is that type of fun we would be very happy for you to take part in.

Follow the MeloTel Instagram account!

We know how popular Instagram has become over the past decade or so. The social media platform is well known for its posting of photos and videos. The visual aspect of social media posts is everything these days. That’s why we put so much effort into creating original visual stimuli.

Our “Quotes Of The Day” were inspired primarily by Instagram. Although the platform allows you to compose your own captions, we realize that text captured in images is so much more powerful. Our most recent quote-within-an-image was posted today. “Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen,” it reads. There’s a lot of food for thought there!

Follow the MeloTel Twitter feed!

Twitter is an interesting platform as it allows you to communicate your feelings in short little bursts. The 280-character account makes it so that every tweet needs to be short and sweet. Of course, the platform also allows for pictures and videos, so much of our Facebook and Instagram content can be found on our Twitter feed too.

There is a huge benefit to ensuring that your posts are consistent across all platforms. This is why MeloTel introduced MeloSocial earlier this year! This incredible service enables you to quickly and efficiently share intriguing posts to all of your social media profiles at once. Once logged in to your MeloSocial account, you can compose ONE unique post that will appear on all of your registered accounts simultaneously by clicking on “Publish Now”.

It gets better! With MeloSocial, you don’t actually have to do any posting at all! MeloTel’s team of content writers would be happy to do all the work for you. Our team can have all of your social media accounts updated on a regular basis with unique content. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email today!

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