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The Importance Of Regularly Updating Your Social Media Accounts

Statista reports that there are 34.47 million social media users in Canada. With the nation’s population at approximately 38 million people, it is safe to say that nearly everyone in the country is using social media. Clearly, social media provide businesses with ample access to the public. It is vital that such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are utilized on a regular basis for marketing purposes.

It’s important to remember, however, that marketing on social media isn’t the same as traditional marketing. The “social” part of social media must never be forgotten. Companies shouldn’t simply take to their accounts to post blatant advertisements. Posts should vary between funny anecdotes, intriguing tidbits of advice, eye-catching photos and other engaging content. One thing is for sure, as well. Your social media accounts must be updated regularly.

It increases brand awareness.

In today’s world, you practically don’t exist if you’re not on social media. The vast majority of modern-day consumers take to social media to find out what companies are all about. Not only should your posts be unique and interesting, but they must happen frequently. A social media account that hasn’t been updated in several days gives the impression that nothing is happening with the business.

Regular social media posting makes your brand more visible and memorable to potential customers. By posting regularly, you make sure that your consumers are seeing more of you. This keeps your brand top of mind when your offerings are needed.

It boosts your website’s traffic.

With every post on social media, you have the opportunity to connect people to your company website. Of course, you can do so by simply placing a link to the site within your post. However, with intriguing and thought-provoking posts, you encourage your social media followers to take deeper looks into your brand.

As long as your website can be easily accessed, it will lure greater traffic. Instagram, for example, enables you to place a link to your site in your bio. As a result, it’s always wise to include such calls to action in your posts as “See more on our website! The link is in our bio!”

It improves your knowledge of your customers.

Who is interacting with you? Take notice of the likes and comments you receive. As well, be sure to take the initiative to interact with others as well. Encourage your friends and followers to ask questions or even DM (direct message) you. Utilizing your social media accounts as customer service sources is a great way to build a better reputation for your brand.

These days, many consumers head to Instagram or Twitter to contact businesses directly. The more you update your accounts, the more active your brand appears. This will encourage more direct contact from consumers. It will enable you to quickly answer questions and even resolve disputes, growing customer satisfaction.

Do you find you don’t have time to update your social media accounts regularly?

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