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Are You Increasing Your Brand Awareness On Social Media?

The world has changed. How you present yourself on social media is how people see you. This is most certainly true if you’re a business owner. In today’s world, people place a lot of weight on how companies represent themselves online. It’s extremely common for consumers to surf the internet in search of product and company reviews. Doing so helps them to determine whether or not to give a brand their business.

So what does your social media activity say about your brand?

Does it stand up for particular causes? Are your posts fun and friendly? Do they inspire interaction? Also, do you respond to comments and questions? Arguably, the best way for businesses to utilize social media is to utilize their platforms as customer service tools. These days, people are a lot more likely to voice their grievances online before they do with customer service representatives over the phone.

Take each customer comment and/or complaint as a business opportunity. Especially if you happen to encounter a particularly nasty comment on one of your social media posts, see it as a chance to showcase to the world your penchant for guaranteeing customer satisfaction. By responding to a customer complaint publicly, you demonstrate your ability to immediately address the needs of customers. This customer-first approach won’t go unnoticed.

People want to see the faces behind the brands.

Remember that your company is made up of people. You’re not just a business. Your brand represents a group of special individuals – human beings – who have feelings and opinions. Let them be known! People like connecting with other people. Especially in today’s world where so much service is automated, it can feel very rewarding to be able to interact with another human being online.

Share your values! Don’t just assume that social media offer you opportunities to post blatant advertisements. As we’ve long championed, social media should be used to connect to people. True connections come by way of discussing things that are important to you. Simply promoting your brand isn’t going to make the connections you’re looking for. What matters to you often matters to others. Use social media to express what you consider important in life.

Expose your funny side!

People love flocking to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get some laughs. Yes, we all know that these social media platforms are often used to expose much of the world’s ills. But they can also help us to escape them. Do you have a funny story you like telling your friends? Share it on social media. Are there some humorous photos you’ve taken that can generate laughs? Don’t be afraid to post them!

Let your personality shine through your social media accounts. The attention your business receives will significantly rise. Remember that it’s all about making connections!

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