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How To Make The Lives Of Your Call Centre Employees Easier

Call centre work isn’t easy. There are many who will read that sentence and immediately feel that it’s an understatement. For anyone who has ever worked on the phone, we applaud you. We know how difficult it can be to perform cold calls all day long, attempting to sell products and services to people you’ve never met and who have never heard of you before. You deserve recognition.

To be honest, you deserve a lot more than that! So, to all call centre business owners and managers, we ask you this. What are you doing to recognize the efforts of your call centre staff members? It’s well known that the more excited and motivated a call centre staff is, the more likely its members are to perform at their highest levels. The bottom line is that to run a successful call centre, you must find ways to make the lives of your employees easier!

Begin every day with an upbeat morning meeting.

This is certainly not the first time this suggestion has appeared on the MeloTel Blog. And it isn’t likely to be the last. Consider the work your phone agents do. They speak to people on the phone all day, right? In other words, they are the ones making personal connections between your business and its customers. It’s your job to ensure that you’re making personal connections with your staff members.

Make them feel alive at the beginning of each day. Share stories, tell jokes and encourage each team member to become involved in the morning conversation. Make sure that is it is an uplifting experience each and every morning. A happy staff is a productive staff. That too, is a phrase that has appeared often in our blog. And it is repeated with good reason. It’s true! Take advantage of that fact.

Reward top performances.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. In fact, in call centres all across North America, challenges and games make for exciting workplaces. Not to mention, in-office competitions inspire workers to put in their best efforts. Each and every week, you should dole out prizes for your call centre’s top performers. Set targets for everyone to hit and provide incentives for those who hit them.

Consider the fact that today, the Winter Olympics begin in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. It’s the perfect time to begin implementing some in-office Olympics of your own. Publicly acknowledging the accomplishments of your staff members will motivate everyone on your team to do their best in an effort to gain accolades of their own. Use the current Olympic Games to spawn some ideas for competitions at your call centre business.

Use DaFeeder Preview Dialer.

You’re not still asking your phone agents to manually dial the numbers of their leads, are you? It’s 2018. It’s definitely time to update the technology in your call centre. DaFeeder Preview Dialer is a simple web-based telemarketing software that allows even the most inexperienced computer users to manage campaign dialing and dispositions.

It delivers a feature-rich set of processes that enhances effectiveness, drives sales, improves customer satisfaction and provides insight into performance. Supported by administration capabilities that adapt to how your company operates, DaFeeder Preview Dialer is a call centre must-have!

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