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5 Ways Of Preventing Spam From Jamming Up Your Email Inbox

Spam is annoying. But, most people find that it’s inevitable. Just as soon as you open a new email account, you find a countless stream of uninvited emails attempting to sell you products and services you’d never even think of buying. It’s the way of the world these days. For obvious reasons, online marketing is huge. Quite honestly, it’s hard to blame all of these businesses for using their email accounts to push sales. However, it’s a nuisance when it interrupts your business day.

As a business owner, you clearly have a number of important tasks to complete each and every day. Sifting through unnecessary emails shouldn’t take time away from completing those tasks. So what to do about all of that spam? How can you prevent it from jamming up your email inbox?

Here are five ways:

1. Tattle tale on spammers.

To be more specific, it’s important to train your spam filter. This requires you going through the spam in your inbox and selecting each message to report it as spam. Don’t just delete them. That won’t prevent spam from returning from the same senders. If you use Gmail, for example, you can select the email and then click the “Report Spam” button which is in the toolbar at the top of the screen. It appears as an octagon (like a stop sign) with an exclamation point in the middle.

2. Click on nothing!

In case you don’t recognize an email as spam at first, be sure to carefully read through the message. If you realize that it’s spam, close it immediately. And, whatever you do, don’t click on any links! This will only open you up to more spam or, worse, computer viruses. If you’ve received spam from a known contact, be sure to let that person know that you received the message. It could be a sign that his/her account was hacked.

3. Do not make your email address public.

This might make it hard to receive emails from clients and colleagues that you want to hear from. Some businesses choose to have contact forms on their websites so as to avoid giving away their email addresses to untrustworthy sources. By publishing your email address on your website and/or social media feeds, you practically invite spammers to fill your inbox with junk.

4. Change your email address.

If you’re tired of receiving spam, it may be time for a new email address. Begin a new one and be sure to take measures to not have it get into the hands of unknown sources. We will admit, however, that this tip and the others listed can be time-consuming and counterproductive. After all, isn’t there a method that will allow one to keep his/her email address and simply prevent spam from entering it?

5. Use MeloTel Spam Portal!

We’re sure you knew the answer was “yes”! MeloTel can help you avoid all of the hassles that come with trying the aforementioned tips. MeloTel Spam Portal blocks 99.9 percent of all spam using a system that utilizes two antivirus products: Kaspersky and Clam AV. The service identifies and blocks phishing mail, mail from Botnets, graphic based spam, malicious URLs and implements a host of other security measures to ensure your organization gets the best protection available on the market.

For information about MeloTel Spam Portal, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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