Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: BALL Real Estate Inc.

If you’re in the market for a new home or looking for a cottage getaway, you’d be wise to secure yourself an experienced real estate agent. Any old real estate agent won’t do. We’re talking about someone who works full-time in the industry, is proficient in the craft of preparing homes for viewing and is committed to finding the perfect home for each and every client. Daphne Kalliomaki is one such real estate agent.

As a sales representative for BALL Real Estate Inc., Daphne is adamant about professionalism. We recently spoke with her about her foray into the industry and her reason for selecting BALL Real Estate Inc. as her brokerage. “I really like their ethics and how they do business,” Daphne told us, “I’m impressed with their professionalism and enjoy working with every agent.” She also points out that the firm supports her specialty.

Daphne specializes in waterfront properties.

While Daphne also helps her clients buy and sell condos, among other properties, she is a waterfront expert. If you’re interested in any waterfront property within three or four hours of the Greater Toronto Area, Daphne can help you find the perfect one. With over ten years of experience as a real estate agent, (five of them with BALL Real Estate Inc.), Daphne knows that the recipe for success in her industry involves understating the law.

“You have to trust your agent,” she insists, “Don’t sign paperwork with someone you don’t trust. People lose sight that it’s a legal contract. I don’t believe in part-time agents. I’m a legal junkie. When I write an offer, everyone knows they’re protected.”

Daphne has solid advice for people looking for new homes.

“Know your budget,” she strongly advises. This is the first step in being able to secure an ideal new home. Far too often, people will have their agents look for homes without the ability to afford the homes they’re being shown. As well, “make sure you’re working with a full-time agent that understands the area you’re in,” Daphne insists.

Melo Technology is elated to have Daphne as a client.

Daphne reveals that taking professional pictures is one of the most important things a real estate agent can do to sell a property. As a result, she commissioned Melo Technology to take Drone Photo and Video images to create 3D Virtual Tours of some of her listings. Admitting she’s not a professional photographer, she enlisted the help of Melo’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche to create both photos and videos of the properties she had on the market.

“Professional photography helps because no one is going to go to that house and look at it if you don’t have the proper pictures,” she explains, “The videos give me an opportunity to market myself as a real estate agent. If people see the video and say ‘oh wow, I looked at four houses and one of them had the video and the other three didn’t, I’d want to use that agent to help me sell my house because they go above and beyond to get that done’. My business is based on selling myself, so the videos definitely help get people in the door.”

If you’re in the market for a new home or looking to sell your current property, call Daphne Kalliomaki of BALL Real Estate Inc. at 705-660-2255 or 905-904-1025.