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Taking Your Business To New Heights With Aerial Photography

Last weekend, the Melo Drone division of the Melo Technology team completed a new video entitled “New Seaton Developments and North Pickering”. It provides a breathtaking aerial view of new homes that are under construction in the Pickering, Ontario area. Shot high above from a drone, the visuals mimic literal bird’s-eye views of the new developments.

Speaking as humbly as possible, we just think the video is so awesome. It lets viewers imagine what it would be like to be flying in the sky. See it for yourself below!

In today’s online-obsessed, video-watching world, captivating imagery can make or break a company’s advertising strategy. Given our recent experiences with Drone Photo and Video production, we’re convinced that there’s no better way to capture the attention of the public than with stunning aerial photography. Drones have revolutionized the way businesses can showcase their products, services and properties from breathtaking angles. They can definitely help yours!

Real estate agents can help clients browse through property listings.

Imagine offering potential home buyers a bird’s-eye view of a sprawling estate. How do you think your clients will react to panoramic shots of a luxurious beachfront property? With aerial photography, your real estate agency can offer people awe-inspiring perspectives of properties that traditional ground-level photography simply can’t match.

Your drone-shot videos will allow clients to better understand the scale, layout and surroundings of a property. They give potential buyers more comprehensive views, helping your available lots to stand out in a very competitive market.

The hospitality and tourism industry can showcase their facilities.

Put your establishments and attractions on wonderful display to entice travellers to book reservations. A drone can capture sweeping views of a resort’s amenities such as swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts and beachfronts. Such visuals highlight the beauty and allure of a hotel or resort unlike anything else.

For tourist destinations, aerial shots can showcase natural landmarks, cityscapes and cultural attractions. A drone-shot video provides a uniquely compelling preview of what vacationers can expect.

Event planners can capture the scale and grandeur of an event.

Showcasing the amazing happenings of music festivals and corporate events is crucial for attracting attendees and sponsors. Aerial photography can capture the buzz and excitement of an event from above. It can uniquely showcase the crowd, stage setups and overall ambiance in a way that standard photography cannot. Event planners can use these images to promote future events and highlight their expertise in organizing memorable experiences.

The same can be said for sporting events. Consider the way a golf course can use aerial photography to showcase its layouts, landscaping and scenic surroundings. Aerial shots can highlight the strategic design of each hole, the lush greenery and the natural beauty of the course. Is there a better way to entice golf enthusiasts to book tee times? We don’t think so.

Let’s give members of your target audience visuals they’ll never forget!

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