Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: SOS First Aid

It’s hard to argue that one of the most important skills you can learn in your lifetime is how to save a life. This is the entire premise behind SOS First Aid and Safety Training. Serving communities all throughout Southern Ontario, with offices in Oakville, Brampton and Mississauga, this small family-owned business offers a variety of vital First Aid and CPR training courses.

We recently spoke with SOS First Aid’s Operations Manager, Jessica about the brand and the extreme importance of what it offers the people of Southern Ontario. She noted that SOS First Aid is WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) approved and is one of the preferred training partners for the Red Cross. That makes SOS First Aid a top choice for companies looking for first aid and CPR training for their staff members.

SOS First Aid helps to keep your workplace safe.

It should go without saying that maintaining safety within workplaces is of paramount importance. As a result, the SOS First Aid team has a lot of experience visiting different places of business in order to provide staff members with basic first aid and CPR training. “It’s a government requirement,” informs Jessica. She notes that the WSIB mandates that workplaces with more than six employees must have Standard First Aid training. Workplaces with fewer than six employees require Emergency First Aid training.

“Anyone going into a workplace starting a new job, they need to have first aid training,” says Jessica, “First aid training is often a requirement when applying for job in Ontario. Already holding a first aid certification can help to enhance your resume and make you a more desirable employee.” Standard first aid and basic life support training is particularly important for anyone going into nursing, paramedics, firefighting or work as a personal support worker (PSW).

A life was once saved during an SOS First Aid training course.

One of the most rewarding, albeit scary, experiences of Jessica’s career was when a 42 year-old woman collapsed during one of her training sessions. “She was part of a group of summer students,” Jessica recalls, “She said to me she wasn’t feeling well and two seconds later, she dropped on the ground and went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, she was in the right place at the right time.”

Jessica and another first aid instructor started providing care while they waited for EMS to arrive. Starting CPR right away is what made the biggest difference in this situation. Although they were not sure as to whether or not the woman had survived, they were thrilled when they received an email several weeks later thanking them. Although she had a long road of recovery ahead, she was very much alive.

First aid training is vital.

If ever there was proof of the necessity of first aid training, Jessica’s saving of a life during a training session was it. She points out that there was a recent news story about a young child who recognized that his aunt was choking during a Thanksgiving dinner. He understood what was happening because of a first aid class he took in school.

First aid courses teach you the simple, yet vitally important signs to look out for. “Accidents can happen anywhere,” Jessica states, “It’s not just for the workplace. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard or a big family with lots of kids, you should know first aid.” New parents are especially advised to take CPR courses, she adds.

Melo Technology is so glad to have SOS First Aid as a client.

The SOS First Aid team is made up of many well-trained instructors with real-world experiences. They include nurses, paramedics, firefighters and foreign-trained doctors. Of note, among their many training courses is Psychological First Aid. SOS First Aid is also an instructor development centre where they train people to become Red Cross instructors. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call 905-844-9813 or email