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Melo Drone Launches Exclusive $420 Offer For Cannabis Dispensaries!

It’s February 20th! At first glance, today’s date might not seem all that special. However, for the team, here at Melo Technology, we’re pretty excited about the fact that today marks exactly two months until another very special date. That’s right April 20th – better known as 4/20 – is on the way! You might have noticed that our company name can be construed as a homage to the “mellow” state that cannabis consumption can put you in.

Within the world of cannabis culture, the term “four-twenty” is synonymous with marijuana and hashish consumption. As a result, 4/20 on the calendar is widely recognized as a day of cannabis-oriented celebrations. Today, Melo Technology is excited to announce an exclusive cannabis marketing package promotion for cannabis stores.

We’re rolling out the green carpet!

If you happen to be the proud owner of a cannabis store in the Greater Toronto Area or Durham Region, you have exactly two months to take advantage of our brand new Melo Drone exclusive 3D virtual tour package! Available at the oh-so-special price of $420, this incredible offer is available up until April 20th, 2024.

This highly exclusive and significant promotion combines cutting-edge 3D Matterport technology and a comprehensive suite of marketing services. Valued at $2900 (no kidding!), this incredible package is guaranteed to wow your website’s visitors with an exclusive 3D virtual tour of your cannabis dispensary. Simply use promo code MELO420 to unlock this unbeatable offer!

What is included in this amazing offer?

By taking advantage of our new Melo Drone exclusive 3D virtual tour package, you will get a comprehensive Matterport 360 and 3D scan of your place of business. It comes with one-year hosting for an immersive virtual tour on your site. The professionally-designed guided tour comes complete with informative annotations. We also provide a seamless submission to Google Street View to greater enable your place of business to be found online.

The 3D virtual tour experience of your store will be accompanied by licensed royalty-free commercial music to help set the perfect tone for your content. We promise more than just stunning digital photography and videos to showcase your space. You’ll also get a captivating 3D dollhouse view of your dispensary to give viewers incredibly unique perspectives.

Your package is designed to significantly boost your online presence!

In addition to an amazing 3D virtual tour of your store, the Melo Technology team will craft three professional blog posts over the course of three months to engage your audience. You’ll also get no less than 12 custom social media posts which are also scheduled over three months to amplify your online presence. Finally, you’ll get a 60+-second branded promo video tailored to your brand identity.

Melo Technology has never offered a promotion that promises this much in savings! By taking advantage of this incredible opportunity, you will save an enormous $2480. This immersive marketing package is exclusively designed for cannabis retail stores. As a reminder, you simply need to use promo code MELO420 and book your appointment before April 20th. Some stipulations apply.

For more information about our Melo Drone exclusive 3D virtual tour package, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or fill out the form on our Contact page!