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How Your Business Can Benefit From Offering A 3D Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tours are super cool. We’re honestly not sure how else to describe how inventive, creative and fascinating they are! Well, it looks like we just did. Unlike traditional, ho-hum photos, 3D virtual tours turn your website into an almost-like-you’re-there experience. The next best thing to visiting a business facility in person, a 3D virtual tour enables you to look into each and every room of a location from the comfort of wherever you are online.

While 3D virtual tours can benefit a wide range of industries, there are certain types of businesses that can especially leverage this technology to their advantage.

Real estate agencies can give virtual walk-throughs.

As our friend and client, Daphne Kalliomaki explained in a recent Client Spotlight blog, having 3D virtual tours created for properties she’s selling help to separate her from other real estate agents. “If people see the video (on my website) and say ‘oh wow, I looked at four houses and one of them had the video and the other three didn’t, I’d want to use that agent to help me sell my house because they go above and beyond to get that done’,” she told us.

For real estate agencies, 3D virtual tours are beneficial because they allow potential buyers to virtually walk through properties. This lets them get feels for the layout and flow of the spaces without having to physically visit them. This not only saves time for both buyers and agents but also increases the likelihood of serious inquiries from individuals who are genuinely interested in the properties.

Hotels can preview their accommodations, amenities and event spaces.

The hospitality industry can hugely benefit from 3D virtual tours. After all, who wouldn’t want a clear and realistic preview of where to spend nights while travelling? By providing an immersive experience online, hotels gives their potential guests accurate previews of what to expect. This helps for visitors to make informed decisions, increasing the likelihood of bookings for the hotel.

3D virtual tours can be especially useful for showcasing unique features like spa facilities or scenic views that can be difficult to capture with traditional photography.

Event venues can showcase their elegant spaces.

Wedding venues, conference centres and concert halls can all use 3D virtual tours to show off their stylish facilities to potential clients. This allows event planners to visualize how the venues can be set up for different types of events. Naturally, this makes it easier for them to make booking decisions. The tours are also valuable tools for showcasing the versatility and capacity of the spaces.

This is especially important for facilities that offer food services. In addition to restaurants and cafes, banquet halls can benefit from offering 3D virtual tours to highlight their ambiance and dining areas. Customers can get feels for the atmospheres and layouts of the establishments, helping them decide if they’re the right places for their next meals or special events.

Melo Technology provides 3D Virtual Tours with a spherical 360° photo as the starting point of each tour. Showing off the surrounding area of a venue gives an excellent perspective of the immediate area. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or fill out the form on our Contact page.